A fancy Digital Ocean API client for Mac OS X 10.9+
Objective-C Ruby



A Mac OS X Digital Ocean Client

This is a Mac OS X Client for the Digital Ocean API It is compatible with 10.9+


  • Menubar App
  • List active and inactive machines
  • Power Cycle, Shutdown, Reboot, Power Off/On and Destroy machines
  • Open machines ip addresses in the browser on various ports.
  • Get notification for changes in the Notification Center
  • Define reload interval in the preferences
  • Prepared for localization
  • Open Terminal Window (Terminal.app/iTerm) for droplet
  • DigitalOcean API 2.0

I know that there’re by now other Digital Ocean Menubar apps for the Mac, but I had already half finished this one when the first other apps were released, and since I was quite happy with the data model I decided to just continue along the path and add some more functions.

I’m planning to add more features to this app (as listed below) but for now it supports all the necessities required to use it as a good digital ocean menubar control.






Simply Download the most recent binary from the “Releases” tab.

Compile Yourself

You’ll need CocoaPods to compile this project:

  1. Checkout the repository
  2. Jump into a terminal and go into the directory
  3. Run
pod install
  1. Open ‘OceanBar.xcworkspace’ in Xcode
  2. Open kDigitalOceanClientKey.h and enter your DigitalOcean Credentials
  3. Compile, Run & Success


  • [x] Filter for additional droplet state: “new”, which means - just created
  • [ ] Add functionality to snapshot machines
  • [ ] Add functionality to restore machines from snapshots
  • [ ] Add support for snapshot / image administration
  • [ ] See if it is possible to list backups / snapshots for machines. This would make it easier to destroy machines as we’d know that we have a snapshot from it.
  • [ ] Localize to other languages (any takers?)


This code is licensed under the “Eclipse Public License 1.0 (EPL-1.0)” http://opensource.org/licenses/eclipse-1.0.php