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Example Project to show how to build a Catalyst static library with Rust
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Rust Catalyst Example

This is an example that shows how to build a static library supporting Catalyst from Rust.


  1. Xargo
  2. Rust Nightly
  3. Rust Source (after switching to nightly)
  4. Xcode 11+

Not Required

  • the XARGO_RUST_SRC env variable

Full Local Installation

cargo install xargo
rustup toolchain install nightly
rustup toolchain default nightly

# Or use a directory override
rustup override set nightly

Using It

Just do a release build with the correct target

xargo build --target x86_64-apple-ios-macabi --release


  • Building for other archs (such as the host arch) also requires setting the target.
  • Non-Release builds fail on some targets
  • Lipo can be used to make a fat binary (see below)

Fat Binary

This requires that the correct targets are installed for non-macabi:

rustup target add aarch64-apple-ios

Then the following will generate a fat binary. You can also just call the included in the example project.

# lipo together the different architectures into a universal 'fat' file
xargo build --target x86_64-apple-ios-macabi --release
xargo build --target aarch64-apple-ios --release
lipo -create -output target/libtest1.a target/{x86_64-apple-darwin,aarch64-apple-ios,x86_64-apple-darwin}/release/libtest1.a

Note that we're not including x86_64-apple-darwin because a fat binary cannot contain darwing x86_64 and iOS x86_64 together.

How it works

Tx86_64-he x86_64-apple-ios-macabi.json file contains the information that Xargo needs to build a custom sysroot to compile your project with. A sysroot is the libstd, libcore and so on.


The panic line:

panic = "abort"

Seems to be required as panic_unwind leads to a failing build.


Just copy the contents verbatim. Otherwise it fails to build libstd.

std = {features = ["jemalloc"]}

std = {}
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