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Todos [72%]

  • [X] remove the old x-main functions
  • [X] remove unused / commented out code
  • [X] handle footnotes formats for all html that goes into create-meta…
  • [X] make the base template functions available to all
  • [ ] only load the base template if it exists
  • [X] add utility fnctions to template.clj, or remove it and add to core if it stays that empty
  • [X] fix projects/sites, so that they can easily be merged into the index. maybe they have to return the meta
  • [X] merge the default.clj (etc) into a define-template call again
  • [X] move all new options back to config.clj
  • [ ] where possible make map to pmap again
  • [ ] where possilbe, add some memoization
  • [X] move html templates to public with _ for easier html working.
  • [X] actually use the footnotes structures, right now they’re part of either the markdown or the org html export. kinda difficult to get them out.
  • [X] toc:nil always has to be included, use another option for unpublished site stuff!
  • [X] change the archive, so that all stuff will be shown in one long list (with date entries) for better SEO performance
  • [ ] the distinctions between keywords/tags tags/categories projects/site site/page are confusing, it would be really nice to refactor most of that
  • [X] keywords for orgmarkdown posts should also make it into the site keyword lists, not just tags, need to refactor enhance-metadata to also include (:keywords m)
  • [ ] now that the api is stable again, take care of the tests
  • [ ] create an introductory description