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Elementary school bathroom chaos, now captured in code.
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Elementary school bathroom chaos, now captured in code.

Teri Chadbourne’s Final Project

Front End Web Development at General Assembly Boston

GitHub Repo:

GitHub Pages (current draft):

The Backstory

A long time ago in a location far away, there was an elementary school classroom with an attached bathroom for its young students. School policy dictated that adults weren't allowed in the restroom for privacy reasons, so it took longer than might have been expected for a group of young teachers to discover that the toilet was overflowing. Upon this unfortunate discovery, the teachers marched the whole class through the bathroom, then made them write essays about what they saw and how it made them feel. Boys and girls, we present to you… The Toilet Transcripts!

Site Layout Proposal

Backstory ( wireframe )

  • Amusing toilet GIF
  • Text about how the essays were created

Gallery ( wireframe )

  • Button lets you advance to next student’s record (essay + video + vocab)
  • Essay window shows the image of the current student’s essay in orginal handwriting and horrible spelling (needs a button to advance when there’s a second page)
  • Video window offers a dramatic reading of the current student’s essay
  • Vocab section shows misspelled or unidentifiable words from the current essay with corrected spelling

Glossary ( wireframe TBD)

  • Glossary translates the horribly spelled words from all essays into English.
  • POTENTIAL ADD-ON: Could potentially let you click on a word and see it in context back on the gallery page.

POTENTIAL ADD-ON: Mad Libs ( wireframe TBD)

  • Supply words for your own mad lib
  • See resulting mad lib
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