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Scrite is an open-source screenwriting app.

1. Create screenplays and format elements appropriately.
2. Import screenplays from FinalDraft and HTML formats.
3. Export screenplays to PDF, FinalDraft, Text and HTML formats.
4. Generate Character and Location Reports (more reports coming)
5. Capture character and scene notes.

Building from source
Scrite is developed using Qt 5.15.10. To build scrite, simply install
this version of Qt on your computer (Windows, macOS or Linux).

Open in Qt Creator and build.

Reporting Issues
If you run into bugs, crashes or find missing features OR features that
are not working as expected, we recommend that you post a message on
our Discord server, discuss it with us there before creating a bug
ticket on GitHub.

Here is a link to our Discord server:

Conference Talks based on Scrite

These talks may help you find your way around the code.

1. Insights from Building Scrite Using QML - Qt Desktop Days 2020:
2. Building Beautiful Desktop Apps Using QML - Qt DevDes Days 2021:
3. Closing The Gaps - QML on the Desktop - Qt DevCon 2022:


To build Scrite with Hunspell support on Linux, please install hunspell-dev
On Ubuntu, you can do this by executing the following command

sudo apt-get install libhunspell-dev

Depending on the version number of hunspell installed on your computer, you
will have to update config-hunspell.h. Comments in this file should help you
understand what changes you should be making.

For more information about this package, please visit