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As of version 2.0.0, the CHANGELOG is maintained on GitHub Releases.

Change Log

1.5.4 (2016-06-22)


  • Updated UglifyJS to 2.6.2


  • Updated UglfiyJS to 2.6.1


  • Update UglifyJS to 2.6.0.
  • CI and dependencies chores.
  • Attempt to resolve issue #109 where "ghost" files would appear in generated sourcemaps.


  • Updated UglifyJS to 2.5.0.
  • CI and dependencies chores.


  • Detect if options is a non-Object and log a warning.

    Older versions of Node.js did not allow Strings to be passed to Object.keys leading to errors and confusion to users following certain tutorials.


  • Deprecated the preserveComments option of "some".
  • Added the preserveComments option of "license" that uses uglify-save-license.


  • Updated UglifyJS to 2.4.24.
  • Streams3 support via through2 dependency update.


  • Update dependencies, including UglifyJS to 2.4.19.


  • Fix sources path in source maps (thanks @floridoo)
  • Update UglifyJS to 2.4.16 (thanks @tschaub)


  • Handle cases where UglifyJS uses e.msg instead of e.message for error codes. Fixes #51.
  • Supplement UglifyJS’s source map merging with vinyl-sourcemap-apply to correct issues where sources and sourcesContent were different. Fixes #43.
  • Refactor option parsing and defaults, and calls to uglify-js, to reduce complexity of the main function.
  • Added tests for the previously forgotten preserveComments option.
  • Updated UglifyJS to 2.4.15.
  • Changed dependencies to explicit ranges to avoid node-semver issues.


  • Removed the PluginError factory wrapper
  • Removed test that was failing due to gulp-util issue.
  • Tests should end the streams they are writing to.
  • Update dependencies. Fixes #44. Fixes #42.


  • Fixed homepage URL in npm metadata
  • Removes UglifyJS-inserted sourceMappingURL comment [Fixes #39]
  • Don’t pass input source map to UglifyJS if there are no mappings
  • Added installation instructions


  • Removed support for old style source maps
  • Added support for gulp-sourcemap
  • Updated tape development dependency
  • Dropped support for Node 0.9
  • UglifyJS errors are no longer swallowed


  • Correct source map output
  • Remove gulp dependency by using vinyl in testing
  • Passthrough null files correctly
  • Report error if attempting to use a stream-backed file


  • Dropped support for Node versions less than 0.9
  • Switched to using Streams2
  • Add support for generating source maps
  • Add option for preserving comments
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