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Lazysodium Android

Lazysodium is a complete Android implementation of the Libsodium library that provides developers with a smooth and effortless cryptography experience.

Checks Maven Central

Why Lazysodium

We created Lazysodium because we really wanted a solid Libsodium compatible Java/Android library that would just work without fuss. We were exasperated and annoyed with current Libsodium implementations as some of them were just poorly maintained and poorly architected.

You can find more info here.


This library is fully compatible with Kotlin powered Android projects.

You can find an up-to-date feature list here.

Quick start

This is by no means a comprehensive introduction to Lazysodium. Please view the official documentation for a more comprehensive guide.

Whatever build tool you're using the general gist is to add the mavenCentral() repository and then add the Lazysodium dependency. More detailed instructions here.

The following example is for users of the build tool Gradle:

// Top level build file
repositories {
    // Add this to the end of any existing repositories

// Project level dependencies section
dependencies {
    implementation "com.goterl:lazysodium-android:VERSION_NUMBER@aar"
    implementation ""

Substitute VERSION_NUMBER for the version in this box:

Maven Central


See our official documentation to get started.


You can preview some of the features in our free Lazysodium app available on Google Play:

Get it on Google Play

Lazysodium for Java

We also have a Java implementation available at Lazysodium for Java. It has the same API as this library so you can share code easily!

Created by Terl.