A simple, multiplatform, text based Discord client
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A simple, multiplatform, text based Discord client

SheetCord is a Discord command line interface (CLI) that aims to make Discord easier to use on older systems, as well as faster and simpler on newer systems. The client currently has full text chat capabilites, including servers, text channels, and private messages. SheetCord also has come cool features, like broadcasting to all channels in a server, and seeing activity in all channels at once.

SheetCord is licensed under the WTFPL license (http://www.wtfpl.net/)

How to use

To use SheetCord, you must have at least Java 8 installed.

  1. Download (see https://github.com/TermerMC/SheetCord/releases) or compile (remember to include JDA https://github.com/DV8FromTheWorld/JDA when building)

  2. Run using java -jar sheetcord.jar

  3. Wait for it to exit

  4. Place your user token in token.ini (see https://github.com/TheRacingLion/Discord-SelfBot/wiki/Discord-Token-Tutorial for how to do it)

  5. Restart

  6. If all goes well, you should be connected to Discord!

To navigate, type /help to see available commands.