A tiny 90s-style web browser written in Java
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A tiny 90s-style web browser written in Java

Why the name?

I started this for fun in my spare time and decided that the web renderer was "stupid." So I named it Stupid Browser!

(Psst, if you change _NAME_ in Browser.java, you can name it something else)

What features does it have?

  - 90s-tier web renderer
  - Basic navigation
  - Web searching
  - Bookmarks
  - File downloading
  - Image viewer
  - YouTube playing capability with VLC
  - Video file playing capability with VLC
  - Homepage settings

Why not try it out?


Stupid Browser new tab

Stupid Browser's new tab

Stupid Browser viewing Web-Site-Ring

Viewing Web-Site-Ring

Stupid Browser bookmarks page

Bookmarks page

Stupid Browser viewing an article

Viewing an article

Stupid Browser viewing this page

Viewing this page