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A Nano brain wallet generator that uses scrypt.

How to Use

Hosted Client Version

For basic use, navigate to, which is the compiled, hosted version of the latest stable version in this GitHub repo. Deterministic (verifiable) builds are implemented, and it is automatically deployed and hosted on GitHub pages, so you can be sure that the code here is really the same code that is compiled and used on the web version. In order to do verify this yourself, see the How to Verify section below.

NPM Library

Add to your dependencies with the usual

yarn add nanowarpwallet

Then use like so:

const warp = require('nanowarpwallet');

const params = {
    passphrase : 'testpassword',
    salt : 'testsalt',
    progress_hook : progress_output => {/*do something*/}

function callback(res) {
  const address = res.address;
  const privateKey = res.privateKey;
  const seed = res.seed;
  console.log("Wallet Seed: " + seed + " First Address: " + address + " First Private Key: " + privateKey);

warp(params, callback);

Build Client Yourself

In order to build NanoWarpWallet yourself, you'll first need to install git and yarn.


  1. Download and install git
  2. Download and install Node (get the Latest version)
  3. Download and install yarn
  4. Open up the program you installed called Git Bash. You can do this by clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left and then typing Git Bash into the search bar.

Now, type the following into the window that opens, pressing enter or return after each line

git clone
cd nanowarpwallet

This downloads the latest version of the source code from this repository onto your system and then puts you in that folder. Next we will install all the dependencies using yarn. Type:

yarn install

This has installed all the dependencies necessary to build the final page. Now we need to delete the prebuilt version. Navigate to the dist folder and delete warp_latest.html and warp_1.0.0_SHA256_{numbers here}.html files and delete them. We can then build it using

yarn build

Now, the latest version should be installed at dist/warp_1.0.0_SHA256_{numbers here}.html. You can also access it by clicking on the symbolic link dist/warp_latest.html. To find this in Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\<Username>\nanowarpwallet\dist directory.


Coming soon, you can probably adapt the Windows instructions if you know what you're doing. If you want to do this and you aren't sure how, send me a message or issue and I'll walk you through the process.


Coming soon, you can probably adapt the Windows instructions if you know what you're doing. If you want to do this and you aren't sure how, send me a message or issue and I'll walk you through the process.

How to Verify

In order to verify that the version available online is the same as what is generated directly by the source code in this repository, you can follow these steps:

  1. Follow the instructions above for "Build Yourself" for your platform.
  2. Open an online diffing tool. These will allow you to compare the differences between two different text files. I'll use
  3. Navigate to
  4. Right click the page and click View Source
  5. Press Control-A then Control-C (or Command-A then Command-C on macOS) to copy the page source, then go and paste it into one side of the diff tool.
  6. Open the nanowarpwallet/dist/warp_1.0.0_SHA256_{numbers}.html file you built yourself earlier and repeat the same process of rightclick -> view source -> ctrl+A ctrl+C then paste it into the other side of the diff tool
  7. Press compare. In theory, they will be identical. You've now verified that the hosted version is exactly the same as the version you built yourself from the source code. Because of the way images etc. are embedded directly into the html and not referenced as any outside files, by comparing just the one final built html file you can be certain there are really no changes.


NanoWarpWallet uses yarn to manage its dependencies. Run

$ yarn install

to install the needed dependencies.


$ yarn build

to build once, or

$ yarn start

to watch for changes and re-build during development.


A Nano brain wallet generator that uses scrypt.




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