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@@ -95,6 +95,12 @@ Requirements
+For other issues, please see:
+don't use bzr 2.3b
If you see
`AttributeError: 'BTreeBuilder' object has no attribute '_find_ancestors'`
@@ -103,13 +109,24 @@ it means you have the bzr 2.3 beta installed, git-bzr-ng currently works
unpatched with bzr 2.2 and bzr 2.3.0. It is possible to patch bzr 2.3b to
correct the issue, but 2.3.0 is easy to install with pip.
+tests run against multiple versions
+If you are running the tests (`python`) keep in mind that one
+set of tests is actually running against bzr-fastimport's HEAD so it doesn't
+always work, so if you see failures check that they are in GitBzrTest or
+GitBzrStableTarballTest first.
+when all else fails: git bzr clear
Additionally there is a command `git bzr clear` that will wipe out the
bzr-related information for a given branch so if you have somehow found
yourself in a bind, it should help you wipe the slate to try again.
-For other issues, please see:
Kind thanks to

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