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hflags == gflags++

This is a small library that wraps and extends gflags, offering some additional
features that are useful in a system that deals with dynamic module loading,
usually to allow pluggability.

Added Features


This is a small helper that allows you to declare that you are using a flag
from another module, to prevent unused imports. It is very naive at the moment
but its interface should allow future improvements and optimizations without
impacting users.


  import hflags

  hflags.DECLARE('foo_flag', 'some.module.foo')

Will ensure that foo_flag in some.module.foo is available in this module.

Automatic Undefok

In a pluggable system it can be very difficult to know all the modules that
will be loaded at the beginning of execution, especially considering many
pluggable systems will be using a flag to determine which modules get loaded.

This modification allows the user to provide values for flags that are not
known at initial parsing time, but will be reparsed once new flags are defined,
allowing you to use flags for modules that will be loaded dynamically.

Why Not Patch gflags?

python-gflags is explicitly trying to be compatible with the C++ version of
gflags and these features don't really apply to a common C++ system. I would
love to integrate these features and stop maintaining this library but it seems
unlikely at this point.