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Notification Center

The purpose of this extension is to provide a central and flexible way for Contao developers to send notifications via their extensions.

If we can get this extension to be widely used, users will quickly get used to the way one can configure the notification center.


The notification center can be translated via Transifex:

Adding your own notification type

// config.php
    // Type
    'iso_order_status_change'   => array
        // Field in tl_nc_language
        'recipients'    => array
            // Valid tokens
            'recipient_email' // The email address of the recipient
        'attachment_tokens'    => array
            'form_*', // All the order condition form fields
            'document' // The document that should be attached (e.g. an invoice)

Sending a notification

Extension developers most likely want to send a single notification identified by ID,:

$objNotification = \NotificationCenter\Model\Notification::findByPk($intNotificationId);
if (null !== $objNotification) {
    $objNotification->send($arrTokens, $strLanguage); // Language is optional

If you want to send all notifications of a certain type, you can send it like this:

$strType = 'iso_order_status_change';
$objNotificationCollection = \NotificationCenter\Model\Notification::findByType($strType);
if (null !== $objNotificationCollection) {
    while ($objNotificationCollection->next()) {
        $objNotification = $objNotificationCollection->current();
        $objNotification->send($arrTokens, $strLanguage); // Language is optional


If you want to enrich each message being sent by some meta data or want to disable some messages being sent, you can use the sendNotificationMessage hook:

// config.php
$GLOBALS['TL_HOOKS']['sendNotificationMessage'][] = array('MyHook', 'execute');

// The hook
class MyHook
    public function execute($objMessage, $arrTokens, $language, $objGatewayModel)
         if (!$objMessage->regardUserSettings || !FE_USER_LOGGED_IN 
            || $objMessage->getRelated('pid')->type !== 'custom_notification') {
            return true;
         $user = \MemberModel::findByPK($arrTokens['recipient']);     
         if (!$user || !$user->disableEmailNotifications) {
            return true;
         return false;

Note to self

Managing translations files.

  1. Install transifex client.

  2. tx pull -a to fetch updated translations.