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Root content extension for Contao Open Source CMS

The extension allows to create root-page aware content in your Contao layouts.


Install the bundle via Composer:

composer require terminal42/contao-rootcontent


There's absolutely nothing to configure :-)


There are two options to create root-page aware content.

Create articles in the root page

The extension allows to create articles in the root page. Here's how it works:

  1. Edit your theme and add custom content sections. Each theme can have multiple sections with root content.
  2. Add an article to a root page. Contrary to regular articles, you cannot enter a name but select one of the sections from your theme.
  3. Create a root-content module in your theme and select the section you want to output.
  4. Place the new module anywhere in your page layout.

Limit front end modules per root page

For each front end module, there is a new setting to limit it for one or multiple root pages. This way you can create language-aware modules. Simply place all of them in your page layout and only the respective ones will be rendered one at a time.