Contao widget to select records from a foreign table. Useful if you have a large set of records.
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tablelookupwizard Contao Extension

This widget allows you to lookup a foreign table and select records from it. Its primary advantage is that not all database records are listed, so it is very useful if you have a large set of records.

How to use:

// DCA definition
'fieldname' => array
    'label'                   => &$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['tl_tablename']['fieldname'],
    'inputType'               => 'tableLookup',

    'eval'                    => array
        // The foreign table you want to search in
        'foreignTable'        => 'tl_foreign_tablename',

        // Define "checkbox" for multi selects and "radio" for single selects
        'fieldType'           => 'checkbox',

        // A list of fields to be displayed in the table
        'listFields'          => array('field1', 'field2', 'tl_my_superb_join_table.field1'),

        // Custom labels to be displayed in the table header
        'customLabels'        => array('Label 1', 'Label 2', 'Label 3'),

        // Fields that can be searched for the keyword
        'searchFields'        => array('field1', 'tl_my_superb_join_table.field1'),

        // Adds multiple left joins to the sql statement (optional)
        'joins'               => array
            // Defines the join table
            'tl_my_superb_join_table' => array
                // Join type (e.g. INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN)
                'type' => 'LEFT JOIN',

                // Key of the join table
                'jkey' => 'pid',

                // Key of the foreign table
                'fkey' => 'id'

        // Find every given keyword
        'matchAllKeywords'    => true

        // Custom additional WHERE conditions
        'sqlWhere'            => 'someother=condition',

        // Custom ORDER BY - note that when you use "enableSorting" you cannot set this value!
        'sqlOrderBy'            => 'someColumn',

        // Adds a "GROUP BY" to the sql statement (optional)
        'sqlGroupBy'          => 'tl_my_superb_join_table.fid',
        // Adds a "LIMIT" statement to the query
        'sqlLimit'            => 100, // default is 30

        // The search button label
        'searchLabel'         => 'Search my table now!',

        // Enables drag n drop sorting of chosen values
        'enableSorting'       => true,
        // Custom templates, so you don't need to have your own widget for
        // smaller adjustments
        'customTpl' => 'be_widget_tablelookupwizard_content_custom', // Default be_widget_tablelookupwizard
        'customContentTpl' => 'be_widget_tablelookupwizard_content_custom', // Default be_widget_tablelookupwizard_content

    // SQL field definition
    'sql'                     => "blob NULL"