A few modifications we made to Mailman's public HTML to make it look a bit better, and be easier to use.
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Mailman Customisations

This repository contains all of the customisations to Mailman that TermiSoc use. They are based around Mailman 2.1.11.

The intention wasn't to mimic the general design used by TermiSoc, but to provide something a little nicer than was already there. You'll find the file names match up to the admin HTML options.

It also doesn't intend to be responsive, or rely on complex CSS. Everything required is contained within each file, so there was a desire to keep it simple. But, it is on a fluid grid.

You'll also find (especially in the user options) that not all of the possible options are implemented. Only what was needed is working.


Clone it. Make your changes. Send a pull request. Don't change version numbers or add tags.


Copyright TermiSoc and it's members, 2011. Licensed under the MIT license.