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Hyperbole: Odyssey Two


In this second sojourn into GNU Hyperbole, we’re talking about HyRolo – which has a name that implies a fairly limited set of use cases (specifically as a contact manager/rolodex) but… if you scratch the surface, HyRolo is a great tool for WAY more than that.

HyRolo is Smart

The manual primarily describes HyRolo as a contact manager, and gives examples of how to use it as such. But, if you read a little bit closer, you’ll notice that the manual also says things like “Hyperbole includes … HyRolo, for convenient management of hierarchical, record-oriented information” and – regarding entries in a HyRolo file – “[after] this initial delimiter [of one or more asterisks, which signifies the start of an ‘entry’], entries are completely free-form text”.

What this means, without the manual saying so explicitly, is that HyRolo is a tool that parses Emacs-style star outlines in a variety of ways. Because Org’s headlines are just star outlines, HyRolo already knows what to do with them.

I keep a lot of notes. I’ve tried all sorts of methods for storing, indexing, and retrieving them. I started out with a file called “blah.txt” that sat on my desktop when I was a teenager. Then in the early 2000s, I got way into Notational Velocity. Then, when that became abandonware, and I got a smart phone, I used Simplenote extensively. After that, I switched to Org-Mode and Emacs… but I’ve never really been happy with my options for managing my grimoire of notes. I used Deft for a while, but maaaaan is Deft slow if you have a lot of notes – I had to give it up, and was just kinda resigned to doing things the hard way… until I tried HyRolo.

Literally all I had to do to get HyRolo to work with my large set of notes was customize a variable with the location of the files I wanted to have available for ready-reference. I didn’t have to change my Org file in any way, and I didn’t have to configure anything beyond telling HyRolo where to look – HyRolo just read the documents and knew what to do with them. And because HyRolo can work with multiple files at once, you can add a file with your project notes, and anything else that makes sense and work with all of them at once. Sort of like Agenda files in Org.

HyRolo’s Search Options are Killer

Once my notes files were in HyRolo, I could use the search tools. The search tools are the killer app here.

First off, because it’s part of Hyperbole the search tools are universal – this means that, anywhere I am, in any file doing anything, I can just invoke, for example, {C-h h r r} and run a regex search of my all my notes. That’s convenient as heck: I have a single, familiar interface, always available, ready to retrieve whatever I need at a moment’s notice, without having to configure a bunch of external packages. Rad. I know people use Helm and custom Python scripts and a variety of external utilites to accomplish the same thing. Unfortunately, I don’t use Helm. I don’t like how it works, and even if I were willing to look past its idiosyncracies, Helm is also unbearably slow on the sad little laptop I’ve been assigned by my employer.

Second, HyRolo’s searches are F-A-S-T – like, ag on an SSD fast. This shouldn’t impress me, I guess, but it super does. Especially after suffering through the Deft’s glacial response times for so long – and extra especially because it’s even fast on the afore-mentioned Bronze Age Work Laptop I’ve gotta use for a bunch of my day-to-day computing. My primary notes file is >88,000 words long, and search results are instantaneous. Wow.

Third, HyRolo is smart about how it presents search results. When I search, I get a pop-up, read-only buffer that shows me only the entries that match my search – and I can use {TAB}/{Shift-TAB} to jump between those matches. This lets me reference the information my files in a safe, static form, without having to actually load them into Org, with all the code highlighting and whatnot that that would entail. I’m also not risking inadvertent changes, which has happened more often than I’d like to admit because I’ve never been an especially careful typist. And, even better, because this is all part of Hyperbole, I can { M-RET } on any match to jump to the entry I want in the editable, live Notes file to make changes if need be. Great stuff.

HyRolo Can Also Do a Bunch of Other Useful Stuff…

…but there are some hiccups.

I’m gonna preface this section by saying I think there’s maybe something wrong with v7.0.3 of Hyperbole, because there are features that just don’t seem to work right anymore. In fact, I was going to wait to post this until after the next version was released, but instead – let’s talk about it.

First – HyRolo can automatically re-order the entries in the files it works with, which is pretty handy if you (as I do) number your note entries… at least, HyRolo used to be able to this. Now I get an infinite hang.

Looking at the results of debug-on-quit, the infinite loop seems to be something to do with outline-flag-region but I don’t know enough to troubleshoot the problem beyond that. This happens even with the Demo Rolo that comes with Hyperbole, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the way my files are structured?

Second – HyRolo can yank entries into the file you’re working on. This is awesome! I do a lot of work with students, and I re-use bits of verbiage wherever I can, since most of their problems have known solutions. Being able to, at a command, drop my form response into an email is just too good.

If I had one wish, though, it would be better handling of multiple matches. When you use the Yank command, it asks for an entry name. If you enter an exact match for one of the entries in the Rolo File, it inserts the entry. Cool. The problem is, what if you don’t remember exactly what you want to insert?

Even if I were using HyRolo as a contact manager, the behavior with multiple results is less than ideal. Say that I thought, “I should send this file to that guy… Smith. Something Smith.” If I put Smith into HyRolo’s Yank command, HyRolo inserts the first match – but that may or may not be what I want. Because HyRolo doesn’t have tab completion of entries, and doesn’t show me a list of matches when there’s more than one hit on my search, I have to be a lot more precise about my yanking than I’d like. I get around this by doing a quick search first, and making sure to enter something unambiguous in the prompt – it takes an extra step, but I find the convenience of dropping stuff outweighs the extra work. Could be smoother, though, for sure.

Third – The “StringFind” search tool seems to be busted currently, but it’s pretty killer when it works. Basically, it lets you do boolean searches through records, so entering:

(and sonnet italian (not petrarch))

Should bring up all of the entries that include the first two terms, and exclude the third term. Currently, though, it doesn’t work right. I’m about 70% sure it’s a bug and not user error, but I may just not understand something?

My Config

And finally, because this’s a post about Emacs, I’m legally obligated to include some configuration code – here’s what I’ve modified to use HyRolo for searching through notes rather than people.

;; To add Org files directly to HyRolo so they're searchable, customize this 
;; variable:.
(setq hyrolo-file-list '("~/Org/" "~/Org/"))

;; You'll probably need to set the face for HyRolo's word highlighting. I chose
;; purple with an underline:
(setq hyrolo-highlight-face '(:background "SystemWindowText" :foreground "purple1" :underline t))

;; The below prevents HyRolo from seeing Org's *bold* markup as a heading when 
;; it happens at the start of a line
(setq hyrolo-entry-regexp "^\\*+ ")

;; To stop HyRolo inserting the date at the end of your Org entries when you
;; visit them from HyRolo to make edits, add this after you load Hyperbole 
;; in your init:
(remove-hook 'hyrolo-edit-hook #'hyrolo-set-date)

;; To stop HyRolo adding the date at the end of your Org entries when you
;; Add a record, add this after you load Hypervole in your init:
(remove-hook 'hyrolo-add-hook #'hyrolo-set-date)

;; Both of the above remove dates across the board when adding and editing
;; though, which may not be what you want. I generally don't want edit 
;; dates, so I'm fine turning them off. YMMV.


HyRolo won’t necessarily solve everyone’s problems – but, for me, it solves the specific information referencing problem that I’ve had since moving to Emacs full-time.

One of my workflows used to be:

  1. While working, hit a point where I need to add something pre-written, like a code snippet or a template email.
  2. Open notes file manually
  3. Search through headings until I find what I want
  4. Select region and copy
  5. Return to buffer and yank.

Now it’s:

  1. Need to insert from notes.
  2. {C-h h r y}
  3. Enter entry, hit return

Or, when it came to searching, I used to have to stop what I was doing, go find the right file manually, search through it for the information, then come back. Now it’s just a quick key sequence and a search to get there.

And I’m a novice! I’m fairly sure from the way the documentation reads that there’s more I could do to configure HyRolo to better deal with my notes – some tweaks to a few regexes here and there could make things work even more smoothly. But, it does most of what I want out of the box. It’s fast, and it’s convenient, and it matches the way I tend to want to work, which is all I really want for from a tool.

My only real wishlist for HyRolo, beyond fixing some of the bugs I’ve encountered, would be the ability to turn a search result into a Button. There may be functionality in there to do that already, but I haven’t seen it if so. But the ability to bookmark a complicated search that I do all the time would be fantastic – one less step!

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