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Patreon Home Page

Localization: English | 中文


You can get all the information you need about Termix on this page. If here don't have the information you want, please send an email to our support mailbox!


Trial Plan

You will have 3 days to have a trial for Termix before you decide to sponsor us.

The steps to participate in the trial plan are as following:

  1. Sign up for a Patreon account
  2. Download the latest version of Termix. (Either the EAP version or the nightly version is fine.)
  3. Launch Termix and sign in with your newly registered Patreon account and your trial journey begins.



  • Which platforms does Termix support now?

Windows and Mac. (Linux will be supported in the future.)

  • What is the difference between the EAP version and the Nightly version?

EAP version updates are slower, but more stable. The Nightly version is updated daily, but stability is not guaranteed.

  • Is Termix working well now? Will there be many problems?

Most of features are currently working, but there are still some issues that need to be addressed. If you find a bug during use, please feel free to ask here. Thank you very much.

  • What is the performance of Termix? Will the startup speed be slow?

The current performance will not affect the use, and we will continue to optimize it to the extreme in the future. As for the startup speed, the average is between 3s to 5s.

  • Is my server information secure? Such as passwords and certificates, etc.

In the current version, all server information is encrypted by the AES-256 algorithm and saved on the local hard drive. In the future, when Termix adds the cloud synchronization system, you can still choose how to save the server data.

  • Where is the server configuration?

Windows: %APPDATA%/Termix

Mac: ~/.termix


  • Is Termix a subscription or buyout software?

We have not released any retail version of Termix yet. However, Termix will use the subscription system after the release. During the current "developing & crowdfunding" period, you can choose the sponsorship amount at will. Different sponsoring tiers can give you different retail licenses, and the ultimate tier can give you a lifetime retail license.

  • Can I discontinue sponsorship at any time?

You can discontinue sponsorship or re-join sponsorship at any time. The retail rewards will be paid based on the amount you have sponsored in total.

  • I want a refund, what will it affect?

If you refund all sponsorship amounts, you will lose your early access license and retail rewards. Otherwise, only the license or rewards for the corresponding month will be lost.

  • Is there any difference between a lifetime license and a subscription license?

There is no difference between them other than the price and the license duration.

  • What is the price after the software is released?

There is currently no exact number. But with the same number of license days, the price will be higher than it is now.

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