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== 2.2.2 / 2013-09-04
* Add plugins fluentd, ar-single.
* Fix some test cases.
== 2.2.1 / 2013-05-20
* Fix package problem (termtter requires termtter).
* Suppress the warning on ruby 1.9 with CentOS.
== 2.2.0 / 2013-04-20
* Using https to connect to (important).
* Improvement testing (CI enabled).
* Using jeweler for packaging.
* Suppress the warning (on ruby 2.0).
* Change default stdout and colors.
* Added some plugins
== 2.1.1 / 2013-04-10
* Correspond to API 1.1
* Other fixes.
== 2.0.0 / 2013-04-07
* User own plugins loader.
* If ~/.termtter/lib/plugins exist, load them.
* Improvement easy_post plugin.
* Plug-in easy_post should operate only when above 15 characters.
* Improvement tests.
* "Failed to update :(" when updated with URL.
* use String#sub instead of String#[regexp]=.
* spec for expand_tco_url plugin.
* and fix other minor bugs.
== 1.11.1 / 2012-3-31
* fix package_task.
== 1.11.0 / 2012-3-31
* Stable release.
== (Omitted)
== 1.3.1 2009-08-10
Takaaki SONE:
Fixed help message for Exit
added protected column to users table.
Tomohiro Nishimura:
add new command around the alias
more powerful list command available!
add alias method to Client module
Added protected sign to default timeline_format.
Added hugeurl plugin: alternative of expand-tinyurl
Fixed for termtter shutdown when raise network error.
Added a method 'command_exists?'
Changed to apply TermColor.unescape for status.text
Changed retweet command to add confirmation for protected user.
Ignore case for completion of user's screen name
== 1.3.0 2009-07-27
Koichiro Ohba (3):
Added group_filter.
Shin-ichiro OGAWA (1):
Fix retweet command.
Tomohiro Nishimura (17):
add github-issues plugin
add icomment command to github-issues plugin
add isearch command to github-issues plugin
now help command allow you to search specific one
add functionality of hash tag tracking for sl plugin
fix Termtter::Client.plug bug
add pool plugin
add comment for retweet plugin
register_command can take command name as symbol
add trends plugin
remove configatron method (already 1.2.0)
Yasuhiro Matsumoto (1):
some color was broken on windows.
emasaka (33):
expand-tinyurl.rb: added force_encoding for Ruby 1.9
expand-tinyurl.rb: added config "skip_users"
expand-tinyurl.rb: added config "shortters"
expand-tinyurl.rb: add_filter -> register_hook
expand-tinyurl.rb: refactored expand_url method
set permission 0600 when creating config file
modified regexp of (plugin/expand-tinyurl.rb)
moved "t.plug 'auto_reload'" to the end of default config file.
Defined dummy Encoding::UTF_8 for Ruby 1.8 (expand-tinyurl.rb)
use multiple URL shortening APIs.
separated options and texts in nofity-send* plugins
trap SIGCONT to redraw prompt
jugyo (79):
Fixed modify_arg_for_* hook
Added a hook point for completion.
Changed the signature of register_hook
Updated a sample script
Added a plugin 'standard_completion'.
Changed to load a plugin 'standard_completion' as default plugin.
Changed to use completion of standard_completion.rb
Implemented easy_reply
Implemented completion for hashtags.
Fixed regex for completion of search keywords.
Implemented a db plugins.
Fixed bug for associations.
Added a method 'confirm'.
Added a command 'db_clear'.
Changed confirm to call block if given.
Fixed confirm to call pause and resume.
Added commands 'do_list' and 'db_execute'
Removed alias 'l' from command 'db_list'.
Fixed hook :collect_statuses_for_db
Fixed a bug devel option is not working.
Removed setting for config.devel
Changed to remove dir 'rdoc' when 'rake clean'.
Fixed 'spec_opts'
Create a plugin 'defaults' that load deafult plugins.
Added a task to generate gemspec.
Fixed completion_proc
Fixed path of standard plugins.
Implemented the http sever plugin.
Changed port configurable
Changed path for execute command.
Changed to handle files
Added favicon.ico
Created a web client.
Fixed bugs for ajax
Modified html
コマンドの処理を全て TaskManager の invoke_and_wait の中でやるようにした
Fixed commands plug and plugins.
Added a option 'show_as_thread' to stdout.
Added options sticky and priority to plugin growl.
Applied a patch from Kiwamu Okabe to notify-send3
Added a command 'twitpic' for upload an image to TwitPic.
Moved a plug 'devel'.
Added a default task to Rakefile
Moved retweet plugin to defaults
Moved fib plugin to defaults
Moved exec plugin to defaults
Added a alias '!' for exec command.
Renamed alias of exit command 'e' to 'quit'.
Deleted a disused plugin
Created a plugin 'command_line'.
Added a irb command.
Changed to case sensitive for user name completion.
Fixed Rakefile. (closed #82)
Changed to not handle error at TaskManager#invoke_and_wait
Created the hook point 'prepare_command', and clean the code.
Changed to use the hook point 'prepare_command' for curry.
Added completion for curry command.
Created a new hook point named 'prepare_prompt'.
Changed to use prepare_prompt for curry, and changed specs as command.
ktgy (5):
Added saykanji.rb
ujihisa (13):
Added -m
Fixed wrong warning message
Termtter::Client.plug: Enable to receive array
Added new plugin 'curry'
yoppi (2):
Added 'whois' command
== 0.0.1 2008-12-26
* 1 major enhancement:
* Initial release