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This is the source repository for and its custom domain The [] is redirected to The is mirrored from termux/ currently, until it can be redirected to

Run locally

Install dependencies as explained at Using Jekyll with Pages, then run

bundle exec jekyll serve

to start a local server at http://localhost:4000.

If [_config.yml] file was updated, then stop server with ctrl + c and start it again for changes to take effect.

Add New Category For Posts

  1. Add a new page file for the category at <language>/posts/<category_name>.html with the following contents, where <language> is language code like ru. Replace <category_name> with the actual name for the category in the file name and front matter. The category_name variable is used by category.html to load posts for the category. Check en/posts/general.html for the general category as a sample. The front matter title must be language specific.
layout: page
title: <category_name> Posts
no_add_title_heading: true
category_name: <category_name>
page_ref: /posts/<category_name>.html

{% include posts/category.html %}

  1. Add [{%- include t.html root="posts" key="views.index.<category_name>" -%}](/{{- page.lang -}}/posts/<category_name>.html) link for the category in _layouts/posts/ like [{%- include t.html root="posts" key="views.index.general" -%}](/{{- page.lang -}}/posts/general.html). The translation for the category must be added to the _data/posts/t/<language>/view.yml file with the index.<category_name> key, like in _data/posts/t/en/view.yml. The index.<category_name>_posts key must also be added that is used by category.html.

  2. Add front matter default values for category for the _posts/*/<category_name> path scope in [_config.yml] file. This is required because otherwise jekyll will not assign the category automatically to the posts and posts will not be added to the site.categories used by category.html and so posts won't show for the category. Check jekyll docs for more info. If we used the <category_name>/_posts/ path for posts, then <category_name> would have been automatically assigned to the post since its exist above the _posts directory in the path (check page.categories variable), but we can't use that since we need to maintain _posts/<language> directory structure and we don't want language to be added as the category and added after /posts in url. We can also add category to front matter of each post file but that just creates repeatability.

      path: "_posts/*/<category_name>"
      category: <category_name>
  1. For each new language added for posts, add following to [_config.yml] file so that proper language based route is assigned to posts and the lang front matter value is also assigned so that it can be accessed with page.lang.
      path: "_posts/<language>"
      lang: <language>
      permalink: /<language>/:collection/:categories/:year/:month/:day/:title:output_ext

Add New Post In Category

Check jekyll docs and github docs for details.

  1. Add the file for the en language post under the directory for the category at _posts/en/<category_name>/ For example, by creating the file _posts/en/general/, jekyll will automatically create a route for the post at en/posts/general/1970/01/01/post-title.html. For translations of posts to other languages than en, create a file at _posts/<language>/<category_name>/, where <language> is language code like ru. The front matter title must be language specific. You can also add last_modified_at and author key values in the front matter.
title:  "Post Title"
page_ref: /posts/<category_name>/YYYY/MM/DD/<post_basename>.html

Post Content
  1. Add any asset files used by the post under the assets/posts/globals/<category_name>/YYYY-MM-DD-POST_TITLE or assets/posts/<language>/<category_name>/YYYY-MM-DD-POST_TITLE directory, like assets/posts/globals/general/1970-01-01-post-title or assets/posts/<language>/general/1970-01-01-post-title and link to them with [Text Asset](/assets/posts/globals/general/1970-01-01-post-title/asset.txt) or ![Image Asset](/assets/posts/globals/general/1970-01-01-post-title/asset.png). Check jekyll docs for more.

  2. Ensure that the first paragraph of the post is a just a short description of the post since that text will show in the posts list for the category. This is done by setting show_excerpts to true in _config.yml and used by category.html. Check jekyll docs for more info.

  3. Each post of the site must have the page_ref key in its front matter for its unique absolute path on the site (not local path) without the language prefix to find alternate translations of a page. All translations must have the same page_ref and should equal the english file name. This allows alternate translations to have different language specific filenames, but the same reference to allow site language change and search engine indexing via sitemaps.xml to be added later. For example, _posts/en/general/ file should have page_ref: /posts/general/1970/01/01/post-title.html and so should any of its translations.