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A place for new or unstable packages.
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Repository for new/unstable packages

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There are located packages which were requested, but not added to the main Termux repository due to various reasons. Packages available here may have lower quality, be unstable or not work at all.

How to enable this repository

To enable this package repository run:

pkg install unstable-repo

Building packages manually

You can build all packages manually by using provided docker image. The only requirements are Linux-based host with Docker installed.

  1. Clone this repository:

    git clone
  2. Enter build environment (will download docker image if necessary):

    cd ./unstable-packages

    Command shown above will start builder for Android 7 (API level 24). If you need to build package for Android 5, use ./

  3. Choose package you want to build and run:

    ./ -a ${arch} ${package name}

    Replace ${arch} with target CPU architecture and ${package name} with package name you want to build.


If you wish to contribute, please take a look on our contributing guide.

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