UNet model with VGG11 encoder pre-trained on Kaggle Carvana dataset
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TernausNet: U-Net with VGG11 Encoder Pre-Trained on ImageNet for Image Segmentation

By Vladimir Iglovikov and Alexey Shvets


TernausNet is a modification of the celebrated UNet architecture that is widely used for binary Image Segmentation. For more details, please refer to our arXiv paper.


(Network architecure)


Pre-trained encoder speeds up convergence even on the datasets with a different semantic features. Above curve shows validation Jaccard Index (IOU) as a function of epochs for Aerial Imagery

This architecture was a part of the winning solutiuon (1st out of 735 teams) in the Carvana Image Masking Challenge.

Citing TernausNet

Please cite TernausNet in your publications if it helps your research:

         author = {V. Iglovikov and A. Shvets},
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Example of the train and test pipeline