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Contributing to Tern

Submitting bug reports

The preferred way to report bugs is to use the GitHub issue tracker. Please put some thought and energy into your report, to make it easy for us to help you.

  • Describe very precisely what went wrong. "X is broken" is not a good bug report. What did you expect to happen? What happened instead?

  • Provide a way for the maintainer to reproduce the problem you are seeing. That sometimes means waiting for a problem to occur a second time, and experimenting to see exactly which circumstances trigger the problem. We can rarely fix bugs that we can not reproduce.

  • Reduce your instructions for reproducing the bug as much as possible. The more irrelevant pieces (code, steps) are included, the more time we'll have to waste going through them.

  • Mention which exact version (release number or, if you got the code from git, revision hash) of Tern you are using. Include your project configuration if there is any chance of it being relevant.

  • Be civil. The project is maintained by volunteers who do not owe you anything. Reports with an indignant or belligerent tone tend to be moved to the bottom of the pile.

Contributing code

The preferred way to contribute code is through GitHub pull requests.

If you plan to do something major, please discuss it on the mailing list first, to avoid wasting time on something that will not be merged.

Follow the project's general coding style. Patches that randomly change code to your preferred coding style or reorganize code for subjective reasons will not be accepted.

By contributing code to Tern you

  • agree to license the contributed code under Tern's MIT license.

  • confirm that you have the right to contribute and license the code in question. (Either you hold all rights on the code, or the rights holder has explicitly granted the right to use it like this, through a compatible open source license or through a direct agreement with you.)