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<a href="" class=title>Tern: <span class=subtitle>Intelligent JavaScript tooling</span>
</a><a href="doc/demo/index.html">Demo
</a><a href="doc/manual.html">Docs
</a><a href="">Code</a>
<p>Tern is a stand-alone <strong>code-analysis engine</strong> for
JavaScript. It is intended to be used with a <a href="#plugins">code
editor plugin</a> to enhance the editor's support for intelligent
JavaScript editing. Features provided are:</p>
<li>Autocompletion on variables and properties
<li>Function argument hints
<li>Querying the type of an expression
<li>Finding the definition of something
<li>Automatic refactoring
<p>Tern is open-source (<a href="LICENSE">MIT license</a>), written in
JavaScript, and capable of running both
on <a href="">node.js</a> and in
the <a href="doc/demo/index.html">browser</a>.</p>
<h2><a id="plugins"></a>Editor plugins</h2>
<p>There is currently Tern support for the following editors:</p>
<li><a href="doc/manual.html#emacs">Emacs</a>
<li><a href="">Vim</a>
<li><a href="">Sublime Text</a>
<li><a href="">Brackets</a> (built in to the base editor)
<li><a href="">Light Table</a>
<li><a href="">Eclipse (and general Java API)</a>
<li><a href="">TextMate</a>
<li><a href="">SourceLair</a> (built in to the base editor)
<p>Follow the links to find instructions on how to install the
<h2><a id="support"></a>Community and support</h2>
<p>There is a <a href="">discussion
forum</a> for questions and discussion around Tern. For announcements,
such as new releases, there is a
low-volume <a href="!forum/tern-announce">mailing
list</a>. For reporting bugs, I prefer that you use
the <a href="">github
issue tracker</a>.</p>
<p>Code contributions are welcome, preferably
through <a href="">pull
<p>If you are getting value out of Tern, especially if you are using
it in a for-profit way, consider funding further development by
setting up a
monthly <a href="">contribution</a>.
The maintainer (<a href="">Marijn
Haverbeke</a>) is available for Tern-related consulting work.</p>
<p>Current funding status:&nbsp; <img src="//" title="Current maintainer happiness" style="vertical-align: middle; height: 16px; width: 16px"></p>
<h2><a id="docs"></a>Documentation</h2>
<p>The <a href="doc/manual.html">reference manual</a> should be your
first stop for figuring out how to use Tern.</p>
<p>If you are interested in the way the system works internally, take
a look at this <a href="">blog
post</a> or the video
of <a href="">the talk</a>
I gave about it at the Curry On conference.</p>
<h2><a id="releases"></a>Release history</h2>
<p class="release">16-08-2016: <a href="">Version 0.20</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li><strong>Breaking:</strong> The <code>ecma5.json</code>
and <code>ecma6.json</code> definition files were combined
into <code>ecmascript.json</code>. If you are explicitly loading
these, for example in a web page, you'll have to update your
<li>Improved the typing of <code>Promise.resolve</code> calls</li>
<li>Support webpack config files in the webpack plugin</li>
<li>Make the Emacs mode mode robust when files are renamed</li>
<li>New option <code>inLiteral</code> in the JSON protocol to turn
off completions inside string/regexp literals</li>
<li>Define the ECMA7 <code>Array.includes</code> method</li>
<p class="release">11-07-2016: <a href="">Version 0.19</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li><strong>Breaking:</strong> Drops the <code>from_ts</code> utility</li>
<li>New command line flag: <code>--ignore-stdin</code> to not exit when stdin is closed</li>
<li>Fix another crash related to omitted array elements</li>
<li>Improve handling of shorthand object properties during rename</li>
<p class="release">15-03-2016: <a href="">Version 0.18</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Improve typing of <code>this</code> bindings in arrow functions</li>
<li>Fix crash when fetching the type of a module without known type</li>
<li>Fix bug in scoping of renames, which erroneously included the scope's function name</li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">04-01-2016: <a href="">Version 0.17</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Support <code>@class</code> and <code>@constructor</code> JSDoc directives</li>
<li>Improve completion and finding of module exports and methods</li>
<li>Server objects now have a <code>deleteDefs</code> method</li>
<li>New plugin: webpack</li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">27-10-2015: <a href="">Version 0.16</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Support completion of imported names and package names from <code>package.json</code></li>
<li>Allow importing non-ES6 modules using <code>import foo from "bar"</code> syntax</li>
<li>Fix several crashes</li>
<li>Small improvements to the browser and ECMA6 definitions</li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">02-09-2015: <a href="">Version 0.15</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Fix crash bug triggered by string/number properties in object literals</li>
<li>Fix other crash bug triggered by holes in arrays</li>
<li>Support doc comments above classes and class methods</li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">31-08-2015: <a href="">Version 0.14</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Support for ECMAScript 6 constructs and standard library
<li>Block scopes and let/const bindings
<li>Destructuring and default values
<li>Tuples/heterogenously typed arrays
<li>Rest arguments
<li>Symbols and symbol properties
<li>For/of iteration
<li>Classes and super calls
<li>Extended object literal notation
<li>Arrow functions
<li>Template strings
<li>All methods and types added by the ES6 spec
<li>Improved existing support for Promises
<li>Overhauled module system for <a href="doc/manual.html#plugin_commonjs">CommonJS modules</a>, separated it from node plugin</li>
<li>Add support for <a href="doc/manual.html#plugin_es_modules">ES6 modules</a></li>
<li><a href="doc/manual.html#plugins">Plugins</a> can now have dependencies. If your setup needs to explicitly load them, adjust accordingly</li>
<li>The <code>node_exports</code> query type was renamed to <code>exports</code> (and works on ES6 modules)</li>
<li>The <a href="doc/manual.html#tern.registerPlugin"><code>registerPlugin</code></a> interface was changed. The old style (returning an object) will be supported until 1.0</li>
<li>Improved completion of module names in CommonJS and ES6 module context</li>
<li>Phantom objects were added to support <code> = 10</code> if <code></code> doesn't have a type</li>
<li>Fix broken handling of non-ASCII requests in the Emacs mode</li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">28-07-2015: <a href="">Version 0.13</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Parse input as ES6 (but ignore most ES6 constructs for now)</li>
<li>Improved type inference for promises</li>
<li>Fix another source of exponential complexity blowup</li>
<li>Complete module names in the requirejs plugin</li>
<li>Improved type guessing for overridden properties</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the Emacs mode that caused cursor jumping in some situations</li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">25-06-2015: <a href="">Version 0.12</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Fix another infinite recursion bug</li>
<li>Rework doc comment stripping, allow passing <code>docFormat: "full"</code>
in a query to receive full strings.</li>
<li>Add a <code>preParse</code> hook that plugins can register.</li>
<li>Prevent observed calls from 'polluting' union types from JSON definitions.</li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">29-04-2015: <a href="">Version 0.11</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Fix infinite recursion bug in type's <code>toString</code> methods</li>
<li>Support <code>defineProperties</code></li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">25-03-2015: <a href="">Version 0.10</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Fix a problem where the existence of an incompatible Acorn 1.0.0 on NPM breaks new installs</li>
<li>Solve another infinitely-expanding-graph bug</li>
<li>Rewrite type parser (for .json definitions) to be more predictable</li>
<li>Full <a href="">list of patches</a></li>
<p class="release">02-03-2015: <a href="">Version 0.9</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Add support for union types. The strings for types will now
often contain <code>|</code> characters separating alternatives.
Such types are also allowed in JSDoc comments.</li>
<li>Add rough ECMAScript 6 type
definition, which adds some new variables and properties from ES6.
(note that this is still a far way off from real ES6 support.)</li>
<li>Various small bugfixes (<a href="">full list of patches</a>)</li>
<p class="release">13-01-2015: <a href="">Version 0.8</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Support <code>@self</code> and <code>@typedef</code> in doc_comments plugin</li>
<li>Improved purging of stale properties on file reload</li>
<li>Much improved completion of properties in object literals</li>
<li>Added <code>fullDocs</code> option to retrieve entire doc comment blocks</li>
<li>Improved support for <code>defineProperty</code> and getter/setter properties</li>
<li>Support deleting files through requests to the server</li>
<li>Support <code>module</code> object in RequireJS's simplified CommonJS mode</li>
<li>Various small bugfixes (<a href="">full list of patches</a>)</li>
<p class="release">14-08-2014: <a href="">Version 0.7</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Further refinements of the RequireJS plugin's path resolution</li>
<li>Add <code>isKeyword</code> and <code>isProperty</code> fields to completion query JSON repsonses</li>
<li>Various small bugfixes (<a href="">full list of patches</a>)</li>
<p class="release">06-06-2014: <a href="">Version 0.6.2</a></p>
<p class="release-note">Small update release that fixes a crash
affecting asynchronous loading of files.</p>
<p class="release">06-06-2014: <a href="">Version 0.6</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Solves overload from pulling in huge dependency trees</li>
<li>Fixes various issues with stale information sticking around after file reload</li>
<li>Add support for a <code>~/.tern-config</code> default <a href="doc/manual.html#project_file">config file</a></li>
<li>Support a <a href="doc/manual.html#protocol"><code>timeout</code></a> field in requests, to limit their running time</li>
<li>Make it possible to load <a href="doc/manual.html#plugin_third_party">plugins</a> installed with <code>npm</code></li>
<li>Lots of small bugfixes (<a href="">full list of patches</a>)</li>
<p class="release">10-10-2013: <a href="">Version 0.5</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Improvements to the node plugin.</li>
<li>Experimental <a href="doc/manual.html#plugin_angular">Angular.js plugin</a>.</li>
<li>Rewrite of the <a href="doc/manual.html#condense"><code>condense</code></a> tool, tests added.</li>
<li>Better handling of “global” <code>this</code> in non-method calls.</li>
<li>Support <code>Array.&lt;content></code>
and <code>Object.&lt;key,value></code>-style types in
the <a href="doc/manual.html#plugin_doc_comment">doc_comment
<p class="release">12-08-2013: <a href="">Version 0.4</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Several fixes for exponential running time on some inputs.</li>
<li>New IDO completion frontend for the Emacs mode.</li>
<li>Add missing <code>buffer</code> and <code>timers</code> modules to node plugin.</li>
<li>A few fixes to the <code>bin/condense</code> tool.
<p class="release">10-07-2013: <a href="">Version 0.3</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Better <code>this</code> handling.</li>
<li>Added underscore definition file.</li>
<li>Improved dependency resolution in node plugin.</li>
<li><code>node_exports</code> query type added.</li>
<li>Glob patterns in <code>loadEagerly</code>/<code>dontLoad</code> settings.</li>
<p class="release">11-06-2013: <a href="">Version 0.2</a></p>
<ul class="release-note">
<li>Make the codebase Windows-safe.</li>
<li>Improved handling of large codebases.</li>
<li>Move comment parsing logic into a plugin (<code>doc_comment</code>).</li>
<li>Many bugfixes.</li>
<p class="release">03-05-2013: <a href="">Version 0.1</a></p>
<p class="release-note">First numbered release. Should be considered
beta status, but useable enough to test.</p>