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Python Theta API

Ricoh Theta API v2

Open Spherical Camera API

theta_api_v2: Functions for API communication with Theta S.

theta_thread: Thread Object wrapper to automate some aspects of the API communication.

theta_hdri: Logic prototype for HDR bracketing.


Import modules into your code:

import theta_api_v2

Run the HDR bracketing prototype:

$ ./ -h



  • Implement listImages.
  • Implement _listAll.
  • Implement _getVideo.
  • Implement _getLivePreview.


  • Extend to support all of the API commands?


  • Shutter speed list buildup has issues. EV step size between two slowest entries differs from rest of the list. Delta between 30s and 60s is 1 EV and rest of the list has delta of 1/3 EV between entries.
  • Automatic shutter speed values go only down to 1/8th of a second. Preview is required to validate if the result of automated measurement is good.


The MIT License (MIT)