A Leiningen plugin for the Flyway database migration framework
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Leiningen plugin for running the Flyway database migration framework. As a Leiningen plugin, it is meant to be run from a command-line terminal, however, during development, one may want to run it from the REPL.

To run it from the command-line terminal

Add the following section in the defproject method of the project.clj file:

	:flyway {:driver "org.postgresql.Driver" :url "jdbc:postgresql:$DB$" :username "postgres" :password "$PWD$"}

All the tasks in the plugin expect a first argument called project. This map is passed as the value of this argument.

The above example connection string helps to connect to a PostgreSql database, so use an appropriate value for :driver for the database you are trying to connect to. Similarly for :url, :username and :password properties. Also replace $DB$ with the name of the database you are connecting to and $PWD$ with your password.

To run it from the REPL

Require one of the namespaces from the plugin e.g.

	(require '[leiningen.flyway-status :as flyway-status])

To check the status of the database

  (flyway-status/flyway-status {:flyway {:driver "org.postgresql.Driver" :url "jdbc:postgresql:$DB$" :username "postgres" :password "$PWD$"}})

Other tasks can be run similarly.

Location for SQL migration files

When you pull the dependencies for this plugin using lein deps the various .jar files are pulled under /lib/dev/ directory. Put your SQL migration files under /db/migration/ directory under this /lib/dev/ directory.


  • Some kind of equivalent for Java migrations
  • Placeholders in migrations


Copyright (C) 2010 Tero Parviainen

Distributed under the MIT license (see LICENSE).