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Terra FCD



  • Collector(Indexer)

    • Takes block and tx from LCD and stores into the database in a usable form
    • Stores issuance, network and staking information to database every minute
    • Collect & cache validator info and store in db
    • Calculate validator daily return
    • Collect & cache proposal info
  • Rest API server

    • Serves data via RESTFul API


  1. Node.js v16.x or later
  2. PostgreSQL v12.x or later

Project setup

1. Clone

$ git clone

2. Install packages

npm i

3. Setup the database

FCD requires PostgreSQL as a backend database and TypeORM as an ORM.

Create a new database for FCD

postgres=> CREATE DATABASE fcd OWNER terra;

Synchronize Database Scheme

Table schema has to be synced before running Collector by setting synchronize to true. There is many way to configure TypeORM. Example is below:


module.exports = {
  name: 'default',
  type: 'postgres',
  host: 'localhost',
  database: 'fcd',
  username: 'terra',
  password: '<password>',
  synchronize: true

You shall not use CLI method, and it is good to disable synchronize option after the first sync.

4. Configure Environment Variables

Name Description Default Module(s)
CHAIN_ID Chain ID of Terra network bombay-12 API, Collector
INITIAL_HEIGHT The initial height of network. (Define 4724001 for Columbus-5) Collector
LCD_URI LCD URI for Terra network API, Collector
RPC_URI RPC URI for Terra network required: http://x.x.x.x:26657 API, Collector
USE_LOG_FILE Write logs to logs directory false API, Collector
SENTRY_DSN Sentry DSN for error management (optional) API, Collector
SERVER_PORT Listening port for API server 3060 API
FCD_URI FCD URI for Terra network API
EXCLUDED_ROUTES List of regular expression string for excluding routes [] API
MIN_GAS_PRICES Minimum gas price by denom object {"uluna": "5.0"} API
TOKEN_NETWORK Network specifier for whitelisted tokens required: mainnet / testnet API

In Terra, we use direnv for managing environment variable for development. See sample of .envrc

Running modules


  • Collector
    npm run coldev
  • API
    npm run dev
  • Test
    npm run test
    • Tests are designed to use testnet


  • Collector
    npm run collector
  • API
    npm run start

APIDoc & Swagger

  • Generate by npm run apidoc
  • Access UI from: http://localhost:3060/apidoc

Swagger 2.0 (

  • Generate by npm run swagger
  • Access UI from: http://localhost:3060/swagger
  • Access the definition from: http://localhost:3060/static/swagger.json

Generate swagger for AWS api gateway

npm run swagger -- --apigateway
  • Generated file can be directly imported to aws api gateway
  • NB : its uses empty schema for response object as api gateway support object and properties name only having alphanum.

Generate combined swagger for lcd and fcd

npm run mergeswagger -- -o filename
  • Combined swagger file will be saved in static directory in project root
  • If no filename provided as command line argument then default saved file name is combined-swagger.json
  • To generate combined swagger for AWS API Gateway add --apigateway parameter

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