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Vesting Patch Upgrade Instructions

Do Kwon edited this page Jun 22, 2019 · 3 revisions

With support from our lead investors from pre-seed and seed rounds that make up over 85% of invested capital, we've implemented a vesting rule change that will drastically reduce price uncertainty.

If you are running a node on Columbus-2, you MUST follow the below instructions to upgrade your terrad prior to block 230000 (approximately Sun Jun 23 2019 00:50:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)).

::: warning: The previously announced release v0.2.2 had a timezone calculation bug that was impacting several validators. Make sure you are working with release v0.2.3 instead :::

  1. Update Terra Core to release v0.2.3
$ git checkout v0.2.3
$ git pull origin v0.2.3
$ make

Expected terrad version output

terrad version --long
core: 0.2.3
git commit: 3162406eeecfb7ecc299a4da0311d667f3ad5f1d
go.sum hash: 
build tags: netgo ledger
go version go1.12.1 darwin/amd64
  1. Restart terrad
$ pkill {terrad process}
$ terrad start

And that's it!

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