Insta-Snorby is an easy to install Snort, Barnyard2, Snorby solution that runs on Ubuntu 10.04.
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#"Insta-Snorby" TKLPatch for Turnkey Linux By Jason Meller (terracatta) and Dustin Webber (mephux)


  1. Turnkey Linux 11.0 ISO
  2. TKLPatch (
  3. Ubuntu 10.04

##Installation Steps:

  1. git clone the repo
  2. chmod 755 all files /usr/lib/inithooks/bin, /usr/lib/inithooks/firstboot.d, /usr/lib/inithooks/everyboot.d
  3. sudo tklpatch turnkey-core.iso Insta-Snorby
  4. use iso in favorite VM!