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Terraform module which creates SNS topic and Lambda function which sends notifications to Slack
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AWS Notify Slack Terraform module

This module creates an SNS topic (or uses an existing one) and an AWS Lambda function that sends notifications to Slack using the incoming webhooks API.

Start by setting up an incoming webhook integration in your Slack workspace.

Terraform versions

Terraform 0.12. Pin module version to ~> v2.0. Submit pull-requests to master branch.

Terraform 0.11. Pin module version to ~> v1.0. Submit pull-requests to terraform011 branch.


  • AWS Lambda runtime Python 3.6
  • Create new SNS topic or use existing one
  • Support plaintext and encrypted version of Slack webhook URL
  • Most of Slack message options are customizable
  • Support different types of SNS messages:
  • Local pytest driven testing of the lambda to a Slack sandbox channel


module "notify_slack" {
  source  = "terraform-aws-modules/notify-slack/aws"
  version = "~> 2.0"

  sns_topic_name = "slack-topic"

  slack_webhook_url = ""
  slack_channel     = "aws-notification"
  slack_username    = "reporter"

Use existing SNS topic or create new

If you want to subscribe the AWS Lambda Function created by this module to an existing SNS topic you should specify create_sns_topic = false as an argument and specify the name of existing SNS topic name in sns_topic_name.


  • notify-slack-simple - Creates SNS topic which sends messages to Slack channel.
  • cloudwatch-alerts-to-slack - End to end example which shows how to send AWS Cloudwatch alerts to Slack channel and use KMS to encrypt webhook URL.

Testing with pytest

To run the tests:

  1. Set up a dedicated slack channel as a test sandbox with it's own webhook. See Slack Incoming Webhooks docs for details.

  2. Make a copy of the sample pytest configuration and edit as needed.

     cp functions/pytest.ini.sample functions/pytest.ini
  3. Run the tests:

     pytest functions/


Name Version
archive n/a
aws n/a
null n/a


Name Description Type Default Required
cloudwatch_log_group_kms_key_id The ARN of the KMS Key to use when encrypting log data for Lambda string n/a yes
cloudwatch_log_group_retention_in_days Specifies the number of days you want to retain log events in log group for Lambda. number 0 no
cloudwatch_log_group_tags Additional tags for the Cloudwatch log group map(string) {} no
create Whether to create all resources bool true no
create_sns_topic Whether to create new SNS topic bool true no
iam_role_tags Additional tags for the IAM role map(string) {} no
kms_key_arn ARN of the KMS key used for decrypting slack webhook url string "" no
lambda_description The description of the Lambda function string n/a yes
lambda_function_name The name of the Lambda function to create string "notify_slack" no
lambda_function_tags Additional tags for the Lambda function map(string) {} no
log_events Boolean flag to enabled/disable logging of incoming events bool false no
reserved_concurrent_executions The amount of reserved concurrent executions for this lambda function. A value of 0 disables lambda from being triggered and -1 removes any concurrency limitations number -1 no
slack_channel The name of the channel in Slack for notifications string n/a yes
slack_emoji A custom emoji that will appear on Slack messages string ":aws:" no
slack_username The username that will appear on Slack messages string n/a yes
slack_webhook_url The URL of Slack webhook string n/a yes
sns_topic_name The name of the SNS topic to create string n/a yes
sns_topic_tags Additional tags for the SNS topic map(string) {} no
tags A map of tags to add to all resources map(string) {} no


Name Description
lambda_cloudwatch_log_group_arn The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) specifying the log group
lambda_iam_role_arn The ARN of the IAM role used by Lambda function
lambda_iam_role_name The name of the IAM role used by Lambda function
notify_slack_lambda_function_arn The ARN of the Lambda function
notify_slack_lambda_function_invoke_arn The ARN to be used for invoking Lambda function from API Gateway
notify_slack_lambda_function_last_modified The date Lambda function was last modified
notify_slack_lambda_function_name The name of the Lambda function
notify_slack_lambda_function_version Latest published version of your Lambda function
this_slack_topic_arn The ARN of the SNS topic from which messages will be sent to Slack


Module managed by Anton Babenko.


Apache 2 Licensed. See LICENSE for full details.

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