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Module Project IAM

This optional module is used to assign project roles

Example Usage

module "project-iam-bindings" {
  source   = "terraform-google-modules/iam/google//modules/projects_iam"
  projects = ["my-project_one", "my-project_two"]
  mode     = "additive"

  bindings = {
    "roles/compute.networkAdmin" = [
    "roles/appengine.appAdmin" = [


Name Description Type Default Required
bindings Map of role (key) and list of members (value) to add the IAM policies/bindings map(list(string)) n/a yes
mode Mode for adding the IAM policies/bindings, additive and authoritative string "additive" no
project Project to add the IAM policies/bindings string "" no
projects Projects list to add the IAM policies/bindings list(string) <list> no


Name Description
members Members which were bound to projects.
projects Projects wich received bindings.
roles Roles which were assigned to members.
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