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AWS: aws_ebs_default_kms_key
Provides metadata about the KMS key set for EBS default encryption

Data Source: aws_ebs_default_kms_key

Use this data source to get the default EBS encryption KMS key in the current region.

Example Usage

data "aws_ebs_default_kms_key" "current" { }

resource "aws_ebs_volume" "example" {
  availability_zone = "us-west-2a"
  encrypted         = true
  kms_key_id        = "${data.aws_ebs_default_kms_key.current.key_id}"


Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • key_arn - Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the default KMS key uses to encrypt an EBS volume in this region when no key is specified in an API call that creates the volume and encryption by default is enabled.
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