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AWS: aws_elastic_beanstalk_solution_stack
Get an elastic beanstalk solution stack.

Data Source: aws_elastic_beanstalk_solution_stack

Use this data source to get the name of a elastic beanstalk solution stack.

Example Usage

data "aws_elastic_beanstalk_solution_stack" "multi_docker" {
  most_recent = true

  name_regex = "^64bit Amazon Linux (.*) Multi-container Docker (.*)$"

Argument Reference

  • most_recent - (Optional) If more than one result is returned, use the most recent solution stack.

  • name_regex - A regex string to apply to the solution stack list returned by AWS. See Elastic Beanstalk Supported Platforms from AWS documentation for reference solution stack names.

~> NOTE: If more or less than a single match is returned by the search, Terraform will fail. Ensure that your search is specific enough to return a single solution stack, or use most_recent to choose the most recent one.

Attributes Reference

  • name - The name of the solution stack.
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