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AWS: aws_elasticsearch_domain
Get information on an ElasticSearch Domain resource.

Data Source: aws_elasticsearch_domain

Use this data source to get information about an Elasticsearch Domain

Example Usage

data "aws_elasticsearch_domain" "my_domain" {
  domain_name = "my-domain-name"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • domain_name – (Required) Name of the domain.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • access_policies – The policy document attached to the domain.
  • advanced_options - Key-value string pairs to specify advanced configuration options.
  • arn – The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the domain.
  • cluster_config - Cluster configuration of the domain.
    • instance_type - Instance type of data nodes in the cluster.
    • instance_count - Number of instances in the cluster.
    • dedicated_master_enabled - Indicates whether dedicated master nodes are enabled for the cluster.
    • dedicated_master_type - Instance type of the dedicated master nodes in the cluster.
    • dedicated_master_count - Number of dedicated master nodes in the cluster.
    • zone_awareness_enabled - Indicates whether zone awareness is enabled.
    • zone_awareness_config - Configuration block containing zone awareness settings.
      • availability_zone_count - Number of availability zones used.
  • cognito_options - Domain Amazon Cognito Authentication options for Kibana.
    • enabled - Whether Amazon Cognito Authentication is enabled.
    • user_pool_id - The Cognito User pool used by the domain.
    • identity_pool_id - The Cognito Identity pool used by the domain.
    • role_arn - The IAM Role with the AmazonESCognitoAccess policy attached.
  • created – Status of the creation of the domain.
  • deleted – Status of the deletion of the domain.
  • domain_id – Unique identifier for the domain.
  • ebs_options - EBS Options for the instances in the domain.
    • ebs_enabled - Whether EBS volumes are attached to data nodes in the domain.
    • volume_type - The type of EBS volumes attached to data nodes.
    • volume_size - The size of EBS volumes attached to data nodes (in GB).
    • iops - The baseline input/output (I/O) performance of EBS volumes attached to data nodes.
  • elasticsearch_version – ElasticSearch version for the domain.
  • encryption_at_rest - Domain encryption at rest related options.
    • enabled - Whether encryption at rest is enabled in the domain.
    • kms_key_id - The KMS key id used to encrypt data at rest.
  • endpoint – Domain-specific endpoint used to submit index, search, and data upload requests.
  • kibana_endpoint - Domain-specific endpoint used to access the Kibana application.
  • log_publishing_options - Domain log publishing related options.
    • log_type - The type of Elasticsearch log being published.
    • cloudwatch_log_group_arn - The CloudWatch Log Group where the logs are published.
    • enabled - Whether log publishing is enabled.
  • node_to_node_encryption - Domain in transit encryption related options.
    • enabled - Whether node to node encryption is enabled.
  • processing – Status of a configuration change in the domain.
  • snapshot_options – Domain snapshot related options.
    • automated_snapshot_start_hour - Hour during which the service takes an automated daily snapshot of the indices in the domain.
  • tags - The tags assigned to the domain.
  • vpc_options - VPC Options for private Elasticsearch domains.
    • availability_zones - The availability zones used by the domain.
    • security_group_ids - The security groups used by the domain.
    • subnet_ids - The subnets used by the domain.
    • vpc_id - The VPC used by the domain.
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