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Lifecycle hook in autoscaling group not recreated from codedeploy deployment group #2993

gunnarvelle opened this Issue Jan 15, 2018 · 4 comments


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gunnarvelle commented Jan 15, 2018

When a codedeploy deployment group is created and it references an autoscaling group, a lifecycle hook is created in the autoscaling group. If this lifecycle hook accidentaly gets deleted, terraform does not recreate it because the deployment group is unchanged.

Terraform Version


Affected Resource(s)

  • aws_autoscaling_group
  • aws_codedeploy_deployment_group

Terraform Configuration Files

resource "aws_autoscaling_group" "instance" {
  name                      = "${var.env_name}-${var.component_name}"
  launch_configuration      = "${}"

  lifecycle {
    create_before_destroy = true

  max_size                  = "${var.autoscaling_max_size}"
  min_size                  = "${var.autoscaling_min_size}"
  health_check_grace_period = "${var.autoscaling_grace_period}"
  health_check_type         = "${var.autoscaling_health_check_function}"
  vpc_zone_identifier       = [ "${split(",", var.private_subnets)}" ]

  tag {
    key                 = "Environment"
    value               = "${var.env_name}"
    propagate_at_launch = true

resource "aws_autoscaling_attachment" "asg_public_elb" {
  autoscaling_group_name = "${}"
  elb                    = "${}"

resource "aws_codedeploy_app" "instance" {
  name = "${var.env_name}.${var.component_name}"

resource "aws_codedeploy_deployment_group" "instance" {
  deployment_group_name  = "${var.env_name}.${var.component_name}"
  app_name               = "${}"
  service_role_arn       = "${var.codedeploy_auth_role}"

  deployment_config_name = "CodeDeployDefault.OneAtATime"
  autoscaling_groups     = [ "${}" ]

  trigger_configuration {
    trigger_events     = [ "DeploymentStart", "DeploymentSuccess", "DeploymentFailure", "DeploymentStop",
      "InstanceStart", "InstanceSuccess", "InstanceFailure" ]
    trigger_name       = "${var.component_name}-deployment"
    trigger_target_arn = "${var.deployment_notification_arn}"

Expected Behavior

Terraform should have discovered the missing lifecycle hook, and recreated it.

Actual Behavior

Lifecycle hook still missing. I have to edit the deployment group using the admin console and save it with no changes. Then the lifecycle hook gets recreated by codedeploy.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. terraform apply
  2. Delete lifecycle hook from autoscaling group.
  3. terraform apply

Important Factoids

None I am aware of.


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bflad commented Jan 16, 2018

Hi @gunnarvelle, in this case it sounds like Terraform is not managing a resource it does not know about. There are a few cases across AWS where API/UI calls will create other resources behind the scenes which then need to be separately managed in Terraform (Lambda functions automatically creating CloudWatch log groups as one example). In order to fully manage these, you must either create them initially with the other resources or import them after initial creation. Usually the API/UI will not complain if they already exist. See the documentation for aws_autoscaling_lifecycle_hooks if you want to manage these.


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gunnarvelle commented Jan 17, 2018

I can see it will be hard for terraform to manage something it does not know about, but in this case creating a lifecycle hook will not work. I managed to create such a hook using terraform, identical to the autogenerated save for the name which is on the form CodeDeploy-managed-automatic-launch-deployment-hook-application-some_id. Using my hook did not work, so it seems codedeploy need its own.

One thing which could solve this would be the ability to mark a resource with a flag telling terraform to save the resource, even if there are no changes. Such a flag on the codedeply_deployment_group should make aws restore the lifecycle hook without the need to include it in terraform.


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macnibblet commented Oct 22, 2018

@gunnarvelle Did you ever solve this, I just ran into this problem and I have not found a decent way to solve it yet.


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gunnarvelle commented Oct 23, 2018

@macnibblet The only way to reinitialize the hook is to edit the application in codedeploy and save it without making changes. Then the lifecycle hook is refreshed or created if missing.

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