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`azurerm_virtual_machine_scale_set`: ensuring changes to the `settings` object are detected #609

merged 1 commit into from Dec 6, 2017


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tombuildsstuff commented Dec 6, 2017

Issue #453 identifies a bug where changing the VMSS Extension Settings doesn't get picked up. This PR adds the settings field to the VMSS Extension Hash so that changes to it are detected. Whilst it might look odd - I've deliberately parsed and then re-serialized the JSON String to ensure the hash code is correct between the State and the Parsed Configuration.

I also started looking into adding protected_settings to the Hash - however since it's not returned it'd cause a perpetual diff, which isn't optimal - thus I've left it for the moment.

Test passes:

$ acctests azurerm TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate (593.13s)
ok    593.153s

Fixes #453

Adding settings to the hash
Test passes:

$ acctests azurerm TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate (593.13s)
ok    593.153s

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tombuildsstuff Dec 6, 2017


VMSS Tests pass:

screen shot 2017-12-06 at 13 39 01


tombuildsstuff commented Dec 6, 2017

VMSS Tests pass:

screen shot 2017-12-06 at 13 39 01


LGTM! And the JSON normalization makes sense - good to ensure the data is always consistent 👍

@tombuildsstuff tombuildsstuff merged commit df8a94a into master Dec 6, 2017

1 check passed

continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed

@tombuildsstuff tombuildsstuff deleted the vmss-extension branch Dec 6, 2017

tombuildsstuff added a commit that referenced this pull request Dec 6, 2017

sebastus added a commit to sebastus/terraform-provider-azurerm that referenced this pull request Dec 8, 2017

merge upstream into my fork (#2)
* Provision sample for ASP.NET on azure_rm_app_service

* Added vnet datasource

* add identity property to vm

* refactor, tests and docs

* added vnet_peering

* changing to TypeMap

* Updating the Provider block

* Variable consistency and removing unused variables

* Changed to azure_virtual_network, added crash control and added documentation.

* vmss: Support for updating the customData field

Fixes terraform-providers#61
Fixes terraform-providers#490

* Updating to include terraform-providers#559

* Support for Auto Inflating

$ acctests azurerm TestAccAzureRMEventHubNamespace_maximumThroughputUnits
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMEventHubNamespace_maximumThroughputUnits
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMEventHubNamespace_maximumThroughputUnits (202.41s)
ok    202.432s

* New Resource: `azurerm_network_watcher`

$ acctests azurerm TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_importBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_importBasic (75.79s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_importComplete
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_importComplete (69.85s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_basic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_basic (69.62s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_complete
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_complete (72.16s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_update
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_update (81.75s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_disappears
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMNetworkWatcher_disappears (94.38s)

* Updating to include terraform-providers#569

* Hotfix: upgrade packages under go-autorest to be v9.4.1.

Intergrate with latest version of go-autorest to read access tokens through new way
customized through environment variable. The old behavior on local shell will be kept.

Notice: for Azure Cloud Shell user, please make sure that they're using latest patched

* Vendoring the Locks SDK

* New Resource: `azurerm_management_lock`

Note: As the Subscription specific Locks will break other tests; these tests need to be run individually.
As such I've introduced the `TF_ACC_SUBSCRIPTION_PARALLEL_LOCK`  environment variable for this purpose.

Tests pass:

$ TF_ACC_SUBSCRIPTION_PARALLEL_LOCK=1 acctests azurerm TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importResourceGroupReadOnlyBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importResourceGroupReadOnlyBasic (61.52s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importResourceGroupReadOnlyComplete
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importResourceGroupReadOnlyComplete (58.75s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importResourceGroupCanNotDeleteBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importResourceGroupCanNotDeleteBasic (53.38s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importResourceGroupCanNotDeleteComplete
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importResourceGroupCanNotDeleteComplete (46.87s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importPublicIPCanNotDeleteBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importPublicIPCanNotDeleteBasic (80.46s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importPublicIPReadOnlyBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_importPublicIPReadOnlyBasic (68.53s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_resourceGroupReadOnlyBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_resourceGroupReadOnlyBasic (61.24s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_resourceGroupReadOnlyComplete
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_resourceGroupReadOnlyComplete (64.10s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_resourceGroupCanNotDeleteBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_resourceGroupCanNotDeleteBasic (72.49s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_resourceGroupCanNotDeleteComplete
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_resourceGroupCanNotDeleteComplete (113.71s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_publicIPReadOnlyBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_publicIPReadOnlyBasic (64.05s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_publicIPCanNotDeleteBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_publicIPCanNotDeleteBasic (94.53s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_subscriptionReadOnlyBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_subscriptionReadOnlyBasic (17.98s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_subscriptionCanNotDeleteBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMManagementLock_subscriptionCanNotDeleteBasic (15.20s)
ok    872.839s

Fixes terraform-providers#23

* Updating to include terraform-providers#573

* Updating to include terraform-providers#571

* Adding validation for the locks name

$ acctests azurerm TestValidateManagementLockName
=== RUN   TestValidateManagementLockName
--- PASS: TestValidateManagementLockName (0.00s)
ok    0.020s

* Linting

* Updating to include terraform-providers#575

* Updating the changelog for consistency

* removed tabs, used spaces

* add test for issue terraform-providers#450

* Updated the way user agent string gets assigned.

* Changed code to make it more readable.

* pr tweaks

* Avoid out of index errors when flattening image data disks.

* Updating to include terraform-providers#587

* Updating to include terraform-providers#589

* Conditional loading of the Subscription ID / Tenant ID / Environment

* Refactoring the provider block to support determining the TenantID/Environment from the SubscriptionID

Splitting out the authentication logic into a helpers folder
Also adding unit tests for these - which pass:

$ go test . -v
=== RUN   TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_InvalidDate
--- PASS: TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_InvalidDate (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_Expired
2017/11/30 15:02:01 [DEBUG] Token "7cabcf30-8dca-43f9-91e6-fd56dfb8632f" has expired
--- PASS: TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_Expired (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_ExpiringIn
--- PASS: TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_ExpiringIn (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_InvalidManagementDomain
2017/11/30 15:02:01 [DEBUG] Resource "" isn't a management domain
--- PASS: TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_InvalidManagementDomain (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_DifferentTenant
2017/11/30 15:02:01 [DEBUG] Resource "" isn't for the correct Tenant
--- PASS: TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_DifferentTenant (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_ValidFromCloudShell
--- PASS: TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_ValidFromCloudShell (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_ValidFromAzureCLI
--- PASS: TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_ValidFromAzureCLI (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_NoTokens
--- PASS: TestAzureFindValidAccessTokenForTenant_NoTokens (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureCLIProfileFindDefaultSubscription
--- PASS: TestAzureCLIProfileFindDefaultSubscription (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureCLIProfileFindSubscription
--- PASS: TestAzureCLIProfileFindSubscription (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateSubscriptionFromCLIProfile_Missing
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateSubscriptionFromCLIProfile_Missing (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateSubscriptionFromCLIProfile_NoDefault
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateSubscriptionFromCLIProfile_NoDefault (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateSubscriptionFromCLIProfile_Default
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateSubscriptionFromCLIProfile_Default (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_Empty
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_Empty (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_MissingSubscription
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_MissingSubscription (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_PopulateEnvironment
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_PopulateEnvironment (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_NormaliseAndPopulateEnvironment
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_NormaliseAndPopulateEnvironment (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_PopulateTenantId
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_PopulateTenantId (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_Complete
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateTenantAndEnvironmentFromCLIProfile_Complete (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateFromAccessToken_Missing
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateFromAccessToken_Missing (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzurePopulateFromAccessToken_Exists
--- PASS: TestAzurePopulateFromAccessToken_Exists (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureEnvironmentNames
--- PASS: TestAzureEnvironmentNames (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureValidateBearerAuth
--- PASS: TestAzureValidateBearerAuth (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAzureValidateServicePrincipal
--- PASS: TestAzureValidateServicePrincipal (0.00s)
ok    0.012s

* Fixing the build

* Remove the field marked as "Removed" according to terraform-providers#572.

* Upgrading to v11.2.2-beta of the Azure SDK for Go

* Updating to include terraform-providers#593

* Fixing the Management Lock validation

* Adding a default value for the identity field

* Updating to include terraform-providers#482

* Updating to include terraform-providers#574

* Adding settings to the hash

Test passes:

$ acctests azurerm TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMVirtualMachineScaleSet_extensionUpdate (593.13s)
ok    593.153s

* Updating to include terraform-providers#609

* Local Network Gateways: support for BGP Settings

$ acctests azurerm TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_importBasic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_importBasic (82.23s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_basic
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_basic (81.29s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_disappears
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_disappears (79.17s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_bgpSettings
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_bgpSettings (78.70s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_bgpSettingsDisable
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_bgpSettingsDisable (96.18s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_bgpSettingsEnable
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_bgpSettingsEnable (97.39s)
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_bgpSettingsComplete
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_bgpSettingsComplete (79.68s)
ok    594.680s

* Refactoring

* Adding an import test for BGP Settings:

$ acctests azurerm TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_importBGPSettingsComplete
=== RUN   TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_importBGPSettingsComplete
--- PASS: TestAccAzureRMLocalNetworkGateway_importBGPSettingsComplete (80.96s)
ok    80.987s

* Splitting the data source out into it's own step

* Minor refactoring

* Updating to include terraform-providers#533

* Exporting the Default Hostname field

* Updating the App Service example to be complete

This removes support for Publishing, since the SCM URL's aren't consistent across Sovereign Clouds (China/Germany/Govt etc)
Switches to using the new `default_site_hostname` field introduced in terraform-providers#612 rather than assuming what it is

* Updating to include terraform-providers#594

* Updating to include terraform-providers#611

* Updating to include terraform-providers#612

* Remove leading line break from key_vault_key docs

Leading line break causes page metadata to be ignored.
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