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Terraform Fortios provider
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Terraform Provider


  • Terraform 0.10+
  • Go 1.11 (to build the provider plugin)
  • FortiOS 6.0 or 6.2. This provider uses the FortiOS API. All the resources are validated with FortiOS 6.0 and 6.2.

Building the Provider

  1. Clone repository to: $GOPATH/src/

    $ mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/; cd $GOPATH/src/
    $ git clone
  2. Enter the provider directory and build the provider.

    $ cd $GOPATH/src/
    $ make build

Using the Provider

If you're building the provider, follow the instructions to install it as a plugin. After placing it into your plugins directory, run terraform init to initialize it.

$ terraform init

Developing the Provider

If you wish to work on the provider, you'll first need Go installed on your machine (version 1.11+ is required). You'll also need to correctly setup a GOPATH, as well as adding $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH.

To compile the provider, run make build. This will build the provider and put the provider binary in the $GOPATH/bin directory.

$ make build


Running the acceptance test suite requires a FortiGate VM/device to test against.

To run the test:

  1. Set FORTIOS_ACCESS_HOSTNAME to point to a FortiGate VM/device.

  2. Set FORTIOS_ACCESS_TOKEN to the access token of a Rest API user on that device.

  3. Run make testacc.

    make testacc

For more information about acceptance testing in Terraform, see Running an Acceptance Test.

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