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GitLab: gitlab_project_cluster
Creates and manages project clusters for GitLab projects


This resource allows you to create and manage project clusters for your GitLab projects. For further information on clusters, consult the gitlab documentation.

Example Usage

resource "gitlab_project" "foo" {
  name = "foo-project"

resource gitlab_project_cluster "bar" {
  project                       = "${}"
  name                          = "bar-cluster"
  domain                        = ""
  enabled                       = true
  kubernetes_api_url            = "https://124.124.124"
  kubernetes_token              = "some-token"
  kubernetes_ca_cert            = "some-cert"
  kubernetes_namespace          = "namespace"
  kubernetes_authorization_type = "rbac"
  environment_scope             = "*"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project - (Required, string) The id of the project to add the cluster to.

  • name - (Required, string) The name of cluster.

  • domain - (Optional, string) The base domain of the cluster.

  • enabled - (Optional, boolean) Determines if cluster is active or not. Defaults to true. This attribute cannot be read.

  • managed - (Optional, boolean) Determines if cluster is managed by gitlab or not. Defaults to true. This attribute cannot be read.

  • kubernetes_api_url - (Required, string) The URL to access the Kubernetes API.

  • kubernetes_token - (Required, string) The token to authenticate against Kubernetes.

  • kubernetes_ca_cert - (Optional, string) TLS certificate (needed if API is using a self-signed TLS certificate).

  • kubernetes_namespace - (Optional, string) The unique namespace related to the project.

  • kubernetes_authorization_type - (Optional, string) The cluster authorization type. Valid values are rbac, abac, unknown_authorization. Defaults to rbac.

  • environment_scope - (Optional, string) The associated environment to the cluster. Defaults to *.


GitLab project clusters can be imported using an id made up of projectid:clusterid, e.g.

$ terraform import 123:321
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