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GitLab: gitlab_service_slack
Manage Slack notifications integration that allows to receive event notifications in Slack


This resource allows you to manage Slack notifications integration.

Example Usage

resource "gitlab_project" "awesome_project" {
  name = "awesome_project"
  description = "My awesome project."
  visibility_level = "public"

resource "gitlab_service_slack" "slack" {
  project                    = "${}"
  webhook                    = ""
  username                   = "myuser"
  push_events                = true
  push_channel               = "push_chan"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project - (Required) ID of the project you want to activate integration on.

  • webhook - (Required) Webhook URL (ex.:

  • username - (Optional) Username to use.

  • notify_only_broken_pipelines - (Optional) Send notifications for broken pipelines.

  • notify_only_default_branch - (Optional) Send notifications only for the default branch.

  • push_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for push events.

  • push_channel - (Optional) The name of the channel to receive push events notifications.

  • issues_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for issues events.

  • issue_channel - (Optional) The name of the channel to receive issue events notifications.

  • confidential_issues_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for confidential issues events.

  • confidential_issue_channel - (Optional) The name of the channel to receive confidential issue events notifications.

  • merge_requests_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for merge requests events.

  • merge_request_channel - (Optional) The name of the channel to receive merge request events notifications.

  • tag_push_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for tag push events.

  • tag_push_channel - (Optional) The name of the channel to receive tag push events notifications.

  • note_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for note events.

  • note_channel - (Optional) The name of the channel to receive note events notifications.

  • confidential_note_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for confidential note events.

  • pipeline_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for pipeline events.

  • pipeline_channel - (Optional) The name of the channel to receive pipeline events notifications.

  • wiki_page_events - (Optional) Enable notifications for wiki page events.

  • wiki_page_channel - (Optional) The name of the channel to receive wiki page events notifications.

Importing Slack service

You can import a service_slack state using terraform import <resource> <project_id>:

$ terraform import gitlab_service_slack.slack 1
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