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GitLab: gitlab_user
Creates and manages GitLab users


This resource allows you to create and manage GitLab users. Note your provider will need to be configured with admin-level access for this resource to work.

Example Usage

resource "gitlab_user" "example" {
  name             = "Example Foo"
  username         = "example"
  password         = "superPassword"
  email            = "gitlab@user.create"
  is_admin         = true
  projects_limit   = 4
  can_create_group = false
  is_external      = true

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name of the user.

  • username - (Required) The username of the user.

  • password - (Required) The password of the user.

  • email - (Required) The e-mail address of the user.

  • is_admin - (Optional) Boolean, defaults to false. Whether to enable administrative priviledges for the user.

  • projects_limit - (Optional) Integer, defaults to 0. Number of projects user can create.

  • can_create_group - (Optional) Boolean, defaults to false. Whether to allow the user to create groups.

  • skip_confirmation - (Optional) Boolean, defaults to true. Whether to skip confirmation.

  • is_external - (Optional) Boolean, defaults to false. Whether a user has access only to some internal or private projects. External users can only access projects to which they are explicitly granted access.

Attributes Reference

The resource exports the following attributes:

  • id - The unique id assigned to the user by the GitLab server.

Importing users

You can import a user to terraform state using terraform import <resource> <id>. The id must be an integer for the id of the user you want to import, for example:

terraform import gitlab_user.example 42
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