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Issues of .NET

This site shows the issues across all the various GitHub orgs that make up .NET, such as aspnet, dotnet, and nuget.

Next steps

  • Find a way to incrementally update the trie so that we can offer quasi real-time indexing based on web hook events.


  • We should support all of GitHub's query syntax
    • It seems some of them use and while some use or semantics. For example, involves uses or while label uses and.
    • Looks like we need a text match with an in qualifer:
      • test in:title,body means "search in title and body"
      • developer dependency in:title means "search for developer and dependency in title only"
      • Hmm, looks like in is just a global modifer, for example developer in:body console in:title means "search for console and developer in either body or title".
    • in:title
    • in:body
    • in:comments
    • is:public
    • is:internal
    • is:private
    • mentions:{user}
    • team:{orgname}/{teamName}
    • commenter:{user}
    • involves:{user}
    • linked:pr
    • linked:issue
    • project:{project}
    • status:pending
    • status:success
    • status:failure
    • {sha}
    • head:{branch}
    • base:{branch}
    • review:none
    • review:required
    • review:approved
    • review:changes_requested
    • reviewed-by:{user}
    • review-requested:{user}
    • team-review-requested:{user}
    • merged:{range}
    • no:project
  • We should replace the JavaScript octo-icon library with static CSS-based icons because the JavaScript ones don't work well with Blazor (basically, it works on initial render but when the page gets updated, for example, due to paging, the icons aren't updated while hitting Ctrl+R fixes the problem).


The tool currently works at the org level and will index all public repos. It will not, however, index internal or private repos.

In order to add a new org, you need to:

  1. Install the GitHub App into the org
  2. Add the org/repo to subscriptions.json