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@tyler-sommer tyler-sommer released this Nov 2, 2017 · 44 commits to master since this release

  • Packages 3.2 no longer relies on the git binary to connect to GitHub and GitLab remotes, instead using the respective HTTP API.
  • Packages 3.2 supports new configuration options in the packages: section in config.yml.
    • Specifying name, homepage, and contact_email now reflect on the public landing page.
    • Specifying archive: true and base_path will generate links to dist copies of the dependencies.
    • Check config.yml.dist for a full example.
  • Packages 3.2 code-style has been updated to adhere more closely to PSR-2. Converted all array() initializations to [].
  • Added a package listing page with details on using the repository and packages available.
  • Moved Satis-generated files outside of the web root into satis/ to allow for securing access.
  • Packages now optionally secures the Satis-generated files by specifying secure_satis: true in config.yml
    • If enabled, the application requires the user to login before they can view the available packages.
    • If enabled, the application requires HTTP Basic auth using the configured username and password when accessing Satis-generated packages.json, includes, and dist files.
  • Extended Plugins with the ability to specify HTTP routes and service container compiler passes.
  • Fixed many bugs and usability issues. Better error handling, help hints, rephrasing, etc.
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