Conversion of the BlitzMax TextMate Bundle to an Atom Package
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language-blitzmax package

A Conversion of the BlitzMax TextMate Bundle by nilium (
Original project here:
The original README is kept as README_old.textile

Screenshot of BlitzMax File in Atom Editor
Screenshot of a BlitzMax file in Atom Editor

Manual Installation

  1. Install Atom Editor from
  2. Download repository as .zip and extract language-blitzmax - Folder into packages on your machine.
    Mac OS X: /Users/username/.atom/packages/
    Win *C:\Users\username.atom\packages*
  3. Give feedback and fork it to make it better :D

Using build Package with BlitzMax


  • executes "bmk" Commands in Shell
  • define own Shortcuts to get compiler settings you need
  • Error Matching moves coursor to file and position in line where the error message states

###Temporary solution:

  1. Within Atom install package: "build" (by noseglide)
  2. Create a file named ".atom-build.json" in your project-root folder and copy&paste following content:
    (You may have to modify the path to your BlitzMax installtion to make it work on your machine)
  "cmd": "/Applications/BlitzMax/bin/bmk makeapp {FILE_ACTIVE_NAME}",
  "cwd": "{PROJECT_PATH}",
  "errorMatch": "\\[(?[^\\.]+.bmx);(?\\d+);(?\\d+)\\]",
  "targets": {
    "GUI Application": {
      "cmd": "/Applications/BlitzMax/bin/bmk makeapp -t gui {FILE_ACTIVE}",
      "keymap": "cmd-alt-g"
  1. When hitting cmd+alt+b / crtl+alt+b (win) you bmx should be build as an console app, cmd+alt+g as an gui app (see keymap statement in file above - customize it!)

##Your help needed Feel free to modify these files and make this package better!
But please: create a pull request etc. to let everybody benefit by the enhancements!