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Command line utility for generating books and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown
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GitBook is a command line tool (and Node.js library) for building beautiful programming books and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown. You can see an example: Learn Javascript.


How to use it:

GitBook can be installed from NPM using:

$ npm install gitbook -g

You can serve a repository as a book using:

$ gitbook serve ./repository

Or simply build the static website using:

$ gitbook build ./repository --output=./outputFolder

Options for commands build and serve are:

-t, --title <name> Name of the book to generate, defaults to repo name
-i, --intro <intro> Description of the book to generate
-g, --github <repo_path> ID of github repo like : username/repo

Book Format

A book is a GitHub repository containing at least 2 files: and

As usual, it should contains an introduction for your book. It will be automatically added to the final summary.

The defines your book's structure. It should contain a list of chapters, linking to their respective pages.


# Summary

This is the summary of my book.

* [section 1](section1/
    * [example 1](section1/
    * [example 2](section1/
* [section 2](section2/
    * [example 1](section2/

Files that are not included in the will not be processed by gitbook.


A book can contain interactive exercises (currently only in Javascript but Python and Ruby are coming soon ;) ). An exercise is a code challenge provided to the reader, which is given a code editor to write a solution which is checked against the book author's validation code.

An exercise is defined by 4 simple parts:

  • Exercise Message/Goals (in markdown/text)
  • Initial code to show to the user, providing a starting point
  • Solution code, being a correct solution to the exercise
  • Validation code that tests the correctness of the user's input

Exercises need to start and finish with a separation bar (--- or ***). It should contain 3 code elements (base, solution and validation).


Define a variable `x` equal to 10.

var x = 

var x = 10;

assert(x == 10);

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