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Overview and purpose of this is described here

Ansible Replacements Needed

Before you upload this to your S3 bucket, you'll need to set a few things.

In the ansible/ directory:

  • box.yml needs your AWS account's access and secret keys
  • needs your Ansible S3 bucket
  • ansible/roles/aws/tasks/main.yml needs your EBS volume id
  • if you want your host to be named something other than 'box', you can set that in the AWS role as well
  • ansible/roles/aws/tasks/main.yml needs your DNS zone and DNS name you want (just strings, not ids)
  • ansible/roles/common/tasks/main.yml can be tweaked to install apt packages you'd like always present
  • ansible/roles/developer/tasks/main.yml can also be tweaked - you could combine these if you'd prefer
  • aws/userdata.txt has the userdata you'll want to use for your launch config - be sure to set the bucket to wherever you're uploading your Ansible

Once all of that is set, run from the ansible/ directory, so your host can provision itself.