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This directory (deprecated) contains the previous epochal attempts at the clever algorithms project before the current project.

Briefly, these attempts include:

v0.1: January 2008, Initial attempt, Latex, called Algorithm Atlas
v0.2: December 2008, Ruby code focus, 10 evolutionary algorithms, called EC Book
v0.3: December 2008-January 2009, Cookbook format, Latex, called Tutorial Book
v0.4: January-February 2009, Tutorial format, Blog, called Inspired Algorithms
v0.5: July 2009, Unified approach, Latex, called Unified
v0.6: July 2009, A simplified approach, Latex, called Simplified

Detailed: (was in the main README, in textile format)

* January 2010: An assessment of the project to-date (previous 2 years) and the development of a plan to ensure the continued capture of ad hoc effort contributions. Project renamed to "": and moved into a public repository under a distributed version control system. The renewed project facilitates contributions under a facade that includes content development, book preparation, source code, and webpage. A methodology of discrete formal knowledge capture was promoted for content development in the form of small, formal, and independent technical reports (2-4 man days) on topics and algorithms that may be related to the book or incorporated into the book structure.
* August 2009: The development of a some-what systematic methodology for selecting the algorithms to include in the book. A study was performed and presented entitled: "What is a good optimization algorithm? A data-driven method for algorithm selection": that proposed the top 10 most popular algorithms in the fields of evolutionary computation, swarm intelligence, probabilistic algorithms, stochastic algorithms, and overall.
* July 2009: A return to the book format, and a consolidation of all previous effort into a single book structure. The mixture of styles of the formal algorithm presentation and tutorials provided a confusing organization. A second attempt as made in the same month, stripping all content and starting the project again with a blank book structure. 
* January-February 2009: A focus on the tutorial presentation of algorithms. A blog was created called "": with the tag line "This project aims to be the largest set of explained and executable computational intelligence algorithms on the planet". A series of eight blog posts were created, that included the presentation of seven stochastic search algorithms in tutorial form. Sample source code was presented in the Ruby programming language. The blog was supported by a google code project for the standalone source code, and a google group to facilitate discussions about the presented algorithms. It was believed that the tutorial format would be more accessible and that the blog and supporting sites would provide the basis for building a community and ultimately revenue stream. 
* December 2008-January 2009: An updated perspective on the project toward a more practical presentation of the material with code examples in a tutorial format. A cookbook-like approach to algorithm presentation with both a standardized technical description and programatic implementation in the Ruby programming language that follows best practices. The formal presentation structure for algorithm presentation was updated to: inspiration, strategy, heuristics, further reading, and tutorial. A long list of potential algorithms was defined, and an aggressive schedule was described where 2-3 algorithm descriptions were to be produced per week with a an expected July project completion. A more elaborate book-like LaTex organization was prepared with explicit support for Ruby code examples. 
* December 2008: A jump in the project focus to code examples and practical tutorials. A series of 10 evolutionary algorithms were implemented in the Ruby programming language with basic algorithm overviews (inspiration, strategy, procedure, heuristic, tutorial) separate source code, and source code tutorials. This code focus provided a departure from the book structure and focus on formal algorithm presentation toward practical implementation-centric (recipes or cookbook style) presentation.
* January 2008: Initial conceptualization of the project as an atlas of artificial intelligence algorithms, specifically computational intelligence algorithms presented in a consistent and structured manner. This initial effort proposed a one-page summary of each algorithm presented with the formal structure: metaphor, strategy, operations, heuristics, and more information. Algorithms were to be drawn from the fields: ant colony optimization, artificial immune systems, evolutionary computation, and swarm intelligence. Pseudo code for each algorithm was to be presented separately in an appendix.
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