[Proof of concept] Node based Redis slave which watches changes and allows subscription to keys.
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This allows you to subscribe to changes made to any key in Redis, not just a channel, by specifying either a key name, regex or even a * if you want.

WARNING: Proof of concept

I threw this together one night while watching a couple of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes episodes after discovering that Redis didn't already do this when I thought it did. I currently have no idea how performant/stable/scalable this is.

How it works

I initially looked at the Redis source and quickly decided I didn't want to be wading into that, so this implementation is a Node based redis slave that doesn't acutally store the data (yet).

It uses the SYNC command to receive all commands that change data and either infers the new key value from that or reads the current value back from the master Redis instance for me.


Because of how it currently works the value sent to subscribers is the latest value, not neccessarly the value that was set. I plan on using this as a real-time monitoring dashboard so that's not really an issue.

I'm considering an update where there is a backing Redis instance that all the SYNC commands are echoed to, then when a read is needed it can be taken from there and will be what was just set.

Lua scripts are not parsed or executed. This is the only major drawback I don't see an easy solution for. I don't have plans to use them so it's not an issue for me. Given MONITOR is for debugging I'm not particullarly keen on using that.


There is an example app which just shows live page views grouped by ten seconds.

Spin it up or goto my public instance and then open a couple of browser pages, http://localhost:4000, and refresh one of them a bunch of times while looking at the other.

npm install
node example.js

Whats going on here is that everytime the page is refreshed I'm INCR a pageView:timestamp key where 'timestamp' is the current time divided by ten, so I get a new key every ten seconds. To then learn about the changes to those keys I've subscribed to the 'pageView:*' keys like this:

var redis_key_pubsub = require('./redis-key-pubsub');

redis_key_pubsub.init(port, host);

redis_key_pubsub.addSubscriber('pageViews:*', function (key, args, command) {
  pageViews = args;
  io.sockets.emit('pageViews', {time: key.split(':')[1], value: args});

The callback is fired each time the key changes, in this case my callback just emits the updated count back to the browser which updates the D3 graph.

Key subscription format

Key names

Just straight key names that you're interested in



Or for any of your fancy string matching needs



Instead of using regex you can put a * at the begining or the end of the key name and I sub it for regex behind the scenes



If a key gets boring you can unsubscribe from it like this:


Simply pass the same pattern you subscribed with.

My use case

We'll be using it at work in a dashboard showing the current state of a queue based file processing tool chain. We're setting up a bunch of keys to watch that'll give us a really good live view of what's happening. If it proves stable and scalable we'll then attached some monitoring and alert generation to it.


  • Allow an array of keys be subscribed to (realised I should do this as I was typing out this readme)
  • Maybe: as mentioned above have a backing redis instance that this effectively proxies to