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Shogun Editor for QGIS. A plugin


A QGIS plugin for editing a Shogun GIS client instance. See --Link will be replaced when Shogun2-webapp will be released-- After connecting with the Shogun ressource (note: that ressource needs to have basic authentication possibility), the user can edit applications and layers on the Shogun server, in interaction with the QGIS interface.


* Add layers from Shogun to QGIS (as WFS, WMS or raw data)

* Upload new layers (vector and raster format) from QGIS to the Shogun server

* Upload layer style (vector layers only) from QGIS and apply to the layers in Shogun
  -> most basic styling is implemented, also the upload of custom symbols for point layers

* Edit static data like names, descriptions, ...

* Create new Shogun applications

* Set applications homeview directly from the QGIS interface


You can install the plugin via the QGIS plugin repository or manually. Manually installing: Copy the shogun-editor directory to your qgis plugins directory which you should find at:

## QGIS 2.x:
usually in your home directory you find: .qgis2/python/plugins/
->  if you need more details see this link (chapter "The Copy Method")

## QGIS 3.x:
To find the plugins folder, open up QGIS, in the menu go to Settings->User Profiles -> Open active profile folder
In the file explorer, go to python/plugins/ and paste the folder there

After copying just open up QGIS, activate the plugin in the plugin manager and you are done

Important notes & missing features

* The plugin works with QGIS 2.x and 3.x, but currently there is a problem with adding wfs layers
to QGIS ins 3.x, which has to be resolved

* As already mentioned, the plugin works with basic authentication requests and therefore
can only be used with Shogun2-Webapp installations which support basic  authentication

* Layer styles based on custom icons in Shogun currently cannot be imported to

QGIS, but styles with custom icons created in QGIS can be uploaded to Shogun
* Layer styles based on font symbols are currently not supported by the plugin