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  • How to install?

git submodule update --init --recursive

and then

npm i

This will automatically install package dependencies with lerna bootstrap.

Initially you will also need to build react-geo, the state and components module: cd packages/react-geo && npm run build:dist && cd ../baseclient-state && npm run build:ts && cd ../baseclient-components && npm run build:ts

TODO: move above to postinstall

  • How to start the application?

    • When using shogun2 as backend
      • Set the credentials in config/projectconfig.json
      • Start the app with npm run start-shogun2
    • When using no backend / a static appContext
      • Start the app with npm run start-static
  • To start a new project:

    • Create a new folder next to the baseclient package, e.g. "myproject" and add at least a single Main class.
    • Configure the project main view and configs in the baseclient/config/projectconfig.json file
    • This way, your project will use the baseclients setup and will render your own view and components
  • How to add a dependency?


If you want, for instance, to add lodash to the react-geo-bc-state package, one could use the following:

npm run add -- lodash --exact --dev --scope=baseclient-state

  • How to update dependencies?

npm run bootstrap


  • react-geo linked in client automatically


  • Publish react-geo-bc-state and components as own project
  • Add ol-util and base-util as packages?
  • Check why babelrc config with react is needed in react-geo-bc-state