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  1. Screenshot-driven assertions for testing Rails and RubyMotion applications.

    Ruby 48 5

  2. A Ruby wrapper for RunKeeper's HeathGraph API

    Ruby 12 1

  3. A RubyMotion DSL to add subviews that are styled with Pixate

    Ruby 11 3

  4. kickoff Public

    a terribly awesome Rails app template

    Ruby 10 3

  5. Guardrail captures validation errors from your Ruby on Rails application to help you identify and fix user experience issues. The GuardrailNotifier gem makes it easy to hook up your Rails app to th…

    Ruby 9 2

  6. Demo RubyMotion app that uses Pixate and Sass for styling, motion-pixate-layout for creating view elements, and a simple vendored wrapper to enable live style changes in the simulator.

    Ruby 3


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